UNC basketball star Luke Maye involved in car accident

His car flipped after running into an 18-wheeler

UNC Men’s basketball player Luke Maye was involved in a car accident that caused his car to flip multiple times, but thankfully only left him with a few bruises.

According to the Charlotte Observer, it happened as he was traveling home for his younger brother’s middle school graduation.

He was also scheduled to speak at Huntersville Elementary, the school he attended, this morning.

Speaking to the Charlotte Observer through text, Luke’s dad, Mark Maye – who was a quarterback on UNC’s football team in the ’80’s said: “Luke had a car accident this afternoon coming home for his brother’s middle school graduation,” and that “He did run into an 18-wheeler and spun his car around, landing on a bank beside the road.”

“Damaged the car pretty bad, but he (Luke) said he feels perfectly fine.” Maye said.

You probably recognize Luke from making the last-second jumper back in March, which gave UNC a 75-73 edge against Kentucky and propelled the now national champions to the Final Four.

We’re glad to hear that Luke is doing fine and that he hopefully gets some much-needed rest.

Feel better soon, Luke!