Santa Barbara is getting its first ever cat café

I am not even kitten you right meow

UCSB student found dead by Campus Point

‘Everything he did, he did with a smile’

UCSB Men’s Basketball appoint Pasternack as head coach

He might help the team bounce back to their former glory

UCSB officially smokes the most weed in the entire US

U Can Study Baked

UCSB’s Elote Man has gone viral after accepting Venmo payments instead of cash

He knows we don’t have pocket change

Santa Barbara county is the third happiest community in California

And 12th in the whole damn country

UCSB alum gets a lifetime ban from Tinder after bombarding woman with sexist and racist insults

Apparently she was taking too long to respond to his messages

‘Deeply concerned’ UCSB student tackled by police after skateboarding on the Arbor

The video shows her being slammed to the ground and arms forced behind her back

The best social media reactions to the ferocious storm hitting UCSB

Of course there are still students in shorts and sandals

SBCC student hospitalized after contracting meningitis

It’s often spread through exchanging saliva – kissing, sharing utensils, cups, and cigarettes

UCSB student found dead at Santa Cruz Residence Hall

Our thoughts are with their friends and family

UCSB has yet again been named one of the best schools in America for college life

No one’s even a little surprised at this point

IV police have recieved a report of a man with a gun in the loop

Stay safe Gauchos

Huge protest at UCSB after Trump wins presidency

Yeah we’re not happy with this one

It’s finally happening at UCSB: Knife-wielding clown spotted in IV

2016’s oddest and scariest trend has now made its way over to IV

UCSB is officially one of the best public schools in America

Is anyone surprised?

UCSB is the eighth happiest school in America

Here we go again Gauchos