Santa Barbara is getting its first ever cat café

I am not even kitten you right meow

I am absolutely paw-sitive that having Dog Therapy Day only once a quarter is a complete catastrophe. It is a-paw-ling to think that only one day of animal love and cuddles is enough to combat an entire quarters worth of stress.  But, never fear, put your meow-sery aside, because there is a claw-some cat café opening in Downtown Santa Barbara.

According to the café’s Facebook page, a cat café is “a magical place where animal lovers get to cuddle and play with adoptable shelter cats in a coffee-house like environment.”

The café, a-purr-opriately named Cat Therapy, will purr-vide a “fun and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by FUZZY AND LOVING ADOPTABLE CATS!”

As if it could not be even more meow-tastic, “all of our cats at Cat Therapy will come from local shelters and will be up for adoption. By providing people with a different platform to connect with rescued cats, we hope to raise the adoption rates in Santa Barbara.”  I am down to purchase a catuccino and have a cat nap in order to help a feline friend find it’s fur-ever home!

Doesn’t it sound purr-fect?  A warm cup of catuccino, some good literature, the sounds of meow-sic in the air, a furry friend… It is enough to make anyones whiskers twitch!

While it hiss still unknown when the café will open, the Cat Therapy Facebook page has been teasing the opening date fur the past month, leaving us with more cat-icipation than a red laser.  In order to be the first to know, you can sign up for the email list on the Cat Therapy Facebook page.

Purr-haps lint rollers will be provided?

UC Santa Barbara