This Portsmouth student took his dissertation photo naked because why not

“I couldn’t decide what outfit I should wear”

University of Portsmouth student Ryan Lee Banks decided to upload his dissertation hand-in photo to Facebook naked, reaching over 350 likes.

In the photo caption the 22-year-old Biologist said: “I couldn’t decide what outfit I should wear for this momentous event.” Opting for nothing, Ryan told The Tab “everybody posts generic dissertation pictures these days, only a few ever stand out, and I wanted to be one of those few.”

The whole photographing process “was over in about fifteen seconds” and Ryan gave us a step-by-step guide on how he did it. “I waited until there were minimal witnesses and stood there in my jeans until the moment was right. Chris and Ben, my friends, stood there ready to go.

“I whipped my clothes off and simultaneously picked up my project, ran into position covering my manly parts with my disso while the boys (very quickly) snapped the photos, and basically jumped back into my clothes.”

Witnesses included “two of the school office staff smoking” and “a random lecturer that I don’t know. The office staff were highly amused.”

In response to his viral Facebook post Ryan said “I’ve only had good feedback. People find it funny, and that was what I was aiming for. To be honest though, I didn’t expect it to grow so big. When I started to get mentioned by friends of friends, and even friends of friends of friends, I was shocked. I’m glad people enjoyed it.”

The most surprising comment came from Ryan’s dissertation supervisor who commented “I will have to use biohazard gloves to mark your project…. Cheers to that.”

Ryan’s dad “didn’t really say much” but Ryan’s “mum and her boyfriend enjoyed it, albeit I’m pretty sure they expected something like it. Many of my Aunties and Uncles loved it and so did my sister, who was kind enough to comment telling me to get back to the gym.”

As a member of Snowsportsmouth, Ryan stated “snowsports members across the country and renown for baring all, so I thought I’d finish Uni as I started.”

Ryan studies Biology and his dissertation is titled: “Selection on mating systems and consequences for sexual selection on the body size and fertility of the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus.”

Adding the caption: “after 3 years, 45+ grand, over hundred lectures, 735 meal deals, 1425 energy drinks, copious amounts of alcohol, 12 bags of cocaine, 2 abortions and my soul, I’ve finally handed in my dissertation! I’d like to thank my dogs.”

Ryan told The Tab he has “great dogs, little and large. A Chihuahua cross Jack Russell, she’s called Willow. A Golden Retriever cross Poodle (Golden Doodle), she’s called Molly. Both are around two and half years and old and still act like puppies.”