tuition fees

University of Liverpool is planning on raising tuition fees

You’ve got to be kidding?

‘We are the realist’: Legend Natalie Bennett says she’ll pay off all student debt

She was spotted on Smithdown Road earlier today

Liverpool Green candidate wants to scrap all tuition fees and unpaid internships

That would be great, thanks

Why Arts students don’t get value for money

With three year courses resulting in 27 grand debt for all students, you’d think that your degree was value for money. It’s not like we have state of the art equipment or teaching facilities, so where on earth is our dosh going?

Liverpool escort agencies on the hunt for skinny middle class students

Students at the University of Liverpool are delving into the dark world of escorting to help pay their way – but some agencies only accept skinny, middle-class students

The Bare Faced Cheek!

Calling all exhibitionists and hard core streakers.

The true cost of going to uni

The painful truth: detailed infographic tells you exactly how much unay is costing you