‘We are the realist’: Legend Natalie Bennett says she’ll pay off all student debt

She was spotted on Smithdown Road earlier today

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Green party leader Natalie Bennett vowed to pay off all student debt at a Liverpool conference today.

In a moving speech, Badass Bennett then said “we are the realist party” when quizzed on idealist policies.

She was grilled by locals and party members at the Sefton Park Hotel before being spotted on Smithdown Road at the new Green Party HQ.



At the event, a third year student from the audience asked Bennett what the Green policy is on current students and their debts. She replied: “I have a very simple answer to your question, and one that you’ll probably like.

“We will pay off all student debt, you shouldn’t have that weighing you down.”

Another crowd member then asked about international students. Bennett made her immigrations policy clear: “We are entirely opposed to the capping of immigration, that includes international students.

She went on to describe, party rival UKIP’s policies on immigration as “dangerous and evasive”.



It is known that the Greens are likely to win the student vote in Liverpool, but the burning question on everyone’s lips is how on earth they’ll be able to afford free tuition fees and no caps on immigration.

Tab writer Zoi Milia confronted the party leader on idealist policies to which Bennett replied: “We are the realist party.

“In terms of climate change, we are the realist. No other party will bring up the issues we do. We are the realist.”


Our boy Dobson

Finally, after the talk, Bennett was more than willing to answer a more light-hearted, personal question about the meaning behind her pendant.

She denied always wearing it: “I don’t always wear it. It’s just my favourite one. It derives from a celtic shield.”