Liverpool escort agencies on the hunt for skinny middle class students

Students at the University of Liverpool are delving into the dark world of escorting to help pay their way – but some agencies only accept skinny, middle-class students

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  • UoL students are selling themselves for sex to pay for their education
  • Some escorts will only accept skinny, middle-class girls for their upmarket clients
  • One agency even advertises the “fresh faced, beautiful” Liverpool students they have on offer
  • Students can earn around £1000 a week
  • Girls as young as 18 and 19 are involved in the business

Students at UoL are the “creme de la creme” of escorts in the city, forced to sell themselves in the sex trade to help pay their way through university – but you’ll have to be thin and posh to make the cut.

Students at the university are described as the “creme de la creme”

Escort agencies are scouting out cash-strapped female students in Liverpool – and a frightening number of them are succumbing to the world of escorting.

But it’s not the dolled-up Liverpool look they’re after – upmarket agencies insist their girls ditch the classic Scouse look.  Mini-skirts and platforms are banned in favour of a more sophisticated style.

Instead some escort agencies are only on the hunt for “skinny, middle-class” girls for their clients – the look typical among many UoL students.

We contacted one agency, who told us potential escorts can forget it if they’re a size 12 – this business only wants skinny, middle-class Liverpool ladies.

And it’s not just wining and dining that student escorts can expect – an investigation by the Liverpool Echo has even proved these agencies are selling sex.

One girl, 22, revealed she became an escort to fund her dream of becoming a psychologist.  She said: “While I’m going to be doing my studies, I’m going to be doing this to make things easier for myself.

“If I have to use men to get what I want then so be it – women have been doing that for ever. The money outweighs the negative side. It’s sex. It’s fun. I just think in my head ‘it’s a job’.”

The explosion in tuition fees and the cost of living has driven students to prostitution, with girls as young as 18 signing up to escorting sites to help fund their dream career.

One website even boasts of the “fresh faced, beautiful” students they have available, calling students at UoL the “creme de la creme”.

The English Collective of Prostitutes, which campaigns for sex workers’ rights, blames high tuition fees for this dramatic rise in student escorts.

Calls to their helpline have trebled since 2011 as students, desperate to avoid gradutating with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt, are lured into the escorting business on the proviso of making good money.

Skinny UoL students are in demand

And they’re not wrong – escorts can demand up tp £100 an hour, and even have the potential to earn £1000 a week.

Sarah Walker, a spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes, told the Liverpool Echo: “Most are actually working for themselves or through agencies. It’s not that  they are being coercedby force – it’s the economic climate that’s forcing women to weigh up their options.

“Traditional high-street jobs are scarce – we heard of one bar job that had 800 applicants – and these women know that they can earn 500 times more than stacking shelves in a Tesco supermarket.

“In 2011 we reviewed our log of calls from student sex workers and we thought they had increased by around  a third.

“They are both young students and mature students with kids who are going back to try and get a degree, a certificate or skill.

“There has probably been a similar increase since 2011. They call about safety, that’s a primary concern, and they want to know about the laws.”

High tuition fees has driven desperate students to escorting to “supplement buying books”

One Liverpool agency even has students from Liverpool, Manchester and even Oxford on its books.

We were told students get involved to “help supplement buying books” and you can earn fantastic money.

Some students have no choice but to earn money in this way just to stay at uni

But it’s money that comes at a price – some men wish to see more than one lady at a time, and their oldest client is 92.

The student union NUS has launched a research project aimed at better analysing the numbers of students involved in sex work.

They said: “Most of what we know about students working in the sex industry is anecdotal, we want to move beyond hearsay.”

A worrying number of students are succumbing to the world of escorting

Last year, The Tab reported on the thousands of students flocking to a ‘sugar daddy dating’ site – where 80% of the relationships involved sex.

Liverpool failed to make the top 20 but now it seems many are taking it one step further and joining official escorting sites.

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