University pays tribute to student who died in Hillsborough disaster

They gave their respects to Sarah Hicks and her sister Victoria

Hillsborough Jury Verdict: Victims were unlawfully killed

The Jury had to decide about possible police blame and other factors in the April 1989 crush

Liverpool remembers Hillsborough all over the city

On the anniversary of the event Liverpool are remembering the 96 through tributes

This second year is running to be a Lib Dem MP


‘Run for the 96’ in pictures

The atmosphere was incredible

Controversial Hillsborough cop has honorary degree delayed

The Commissioner is under investigation for misconduct on the night of the tragedy

Fresher savaged by Twitter trolls after trying to publicise charity

Fresher was bombarded with hateful tweets after tweeting a Sun article to the University account

JMU Strips Bettison of Fellowship

It seems Booth isn’t the only Liverpool lecturer stripped of his honours…