University pays tribute to student who died in Hillsborough disaster

They gave their respects to Sarah Hicks and her sister Victoria

hillsborough inquest liverpool respects trial verdict

Yesterday, the Hillsborough inquest jury concluded in a majority decision that the 96 victims of the disaster were unlawfully killed. 

They concluded that there was error and omission by the police and that the fans were not to blame for the deaths and injuries of those in Hillsborough stadium in 1989. The city of Liverpool paid tribute to those who died and families affected by the tragedy last week on the anniversary.

The University of Liverpool has now too paid their respects to those who died and the families involved, talking about two students who lost their lives in the disaster. They said this:

“Our thoughts are with all the Hillsborough families today – and particularly with the parents of Sarah and Victoria Hicks.

“Sarah was a first year undergraduate in Chemistry at the time of the Hillsborough disaster and had a promising future ahead of her.

“We would like to pay tribute to the bravery of Sarah and Victoria’s parents throughout the inquest.”