Fresher savaged by Twitter trolls after trying to publicise charity

Fresher was bombarded with hateful tweets after tweeting a Sun article to the University account

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A desperate student was hurled abuse by trolls after trying to promote a life-saving charity which is helping his girlfriend.

Thomas Owen tweeted an article from The Sun to the University to raise awareness for the Brain Tumour Research Charity after his girlfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

But instead of getting support, the Geography student was viciously attacked online after the University refused to retweet the article because it was published in the controversial tabloid.

Students called him a “fucking idiot” for not realising the tense links Liverpool has with The Sun following the Hillsborough disaster.

Thomas with his girlfriend


Thomas, a fresher unaware how strong the ongoing boycott is, told The Tab: “At the time I wasn’t aware why it caused such a fuss.

“I’m new and from Cardiff, obviously I knew about Hillsborough but not how important it was in Liverpool.

“I was bombarded with hateful tweets, directly at me.

“It did upset me, it felt like I was being victimised and ganged up on.”

He added: “I wasn’t trying to advertise The Sun. I know now it’s a raw subject for a lot of Liverpool residents.”

Not all locals were quick to criticise Thomas’ gaffe and many comments simply praised the decision of the University to distance itself from The Sun.

Megan Ellis, Liverpool born English student said: “Not every student at Liverpool is from this city, but by pointing out to Thomas that The Sun isn’t read here, the University is teaching him about local issues. It’s a good lesson to learn.”

But the decision to ignore Thomas’ plight has left him at a loss because the story in question featured an interview with his girlfriend who has a brain tumour.

As a painful topic for Thomas, he said the response made him feel like people didn’t care about the message.

The article Thomas wanted promoting

He said: “I don’t think either of us were expecting that.

“In hindsight they should have direct messaged me as it wouldn’t then be a central hate crime point.”

Thomas contacted the University following the incident and insists they were very helpful and did not offend him in any way.

The University have refused to comment and the tweet has been deleted.