Why you should join The Tab Dundee next term

We’re bigger than a St Patrick’s Day parade

We are recruiting new writers and editors to join our growing team.

Read by three million people per month, The Tab writes what you care about in a style you want to read.

We’re the only platform left for genuine debate at university, representing multiple viewpoints on campus.

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We go out

We write about stuff that Dundee students want to know, from serious news to St. Patrick’s Day in pictures.

We’ll teach you great journalism skills.  Our reporters regularly carry out work experience at national papers and have gone on to work for The Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Times and sites such as Buzzfeed and Vice.

And it’s not just about the journalism, we have legendary socials too. As well as the Dundee team, we’ve got a team of hundreds of reporters across the UK that meet up for parties every term.

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Sporting the brand

The Tab Dundee is going to be even bigger next year, and we want you to be involved.

We’re looking for reporters, section editors and an editor to grow our expanding team.

You don’t need any journalism experience either, as long as you enjoy finding stories and being part of a team – that’s all that matters to us.


Bonnar Fulton, current editor, said: “The tab gave me an informal platform to openly express my views on anything I saw fit… even if others did not.”

Jennifer Bond, Dundee writer, said: “I’ve really enjoyed writing for the Tab, running about halls with Sean and interviewing all the residents for an article was definitely a highlight!”

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