Has ARCSOC become a parody of itself?

The ~eDgE- of glory

Your indie music taste doesn’t make you cool

There’s a solid chance you’re boring

St. John’s May Ball – support act revealed

With only four weeks until the ball, St John’s have revealed an incredible support act to boost excitement.

Perhaps it’s time we stop talking about exams

I need a safe space

EXCLUSIVE: UK chart topper to headline Jesus May Ball

Oh Jesus! 

TAB EXCLUSIVE – First Pembroke headliner revealed


9 Reasons Impbridge Will Never Happen

Dump Oxford for some London upstart? IMPossible, argues ALICE ROGERS.

Review: Sivu, Marika Hackman & Sam Russo @ The Portland Arms

In Cambridge for Christmas, JESSICA HOYLE takes in a gig at The Portland, calling Sivu and Marika Hackman’s collaboration “an inevitable success”…

Tab Tries: Being Edgy

New Features Editor LAUREN CHAPLIN records the trials and tribulations of a fun-loving girl trying to fit in with the cool kids at Cambridge.

How to get the respect of History of Art students

GROAN HARDSLEY attempts to make History of Art students like him, with mixed results.

Review: PEACE

COSMO GODFREE sees a great band poised on the edge – but are they capable of taking the leap?

Interview: Peace

“I never liked that word, ‘afro-pop’ – maybe we are ‘nafro-pop.’” HARRIET WADE meets hotly tipped Birmingham indie band PEACE at The Portland Arms.

Wish You Were Here Festival

HARRY WRIGHT wishes you were here, as he sends us back a postcard from one of Cambridge’s best small festivals.

Dog Is Dead

Hotly-tipped new band Dog Is Dead celebrated their album release by stripping down…their instruments for an acoustic show. COSMO GODFREE went to see what all the fuss is about.

Mystery Jets

Despite being in cowboy disguise, COSMO GODFREE still reckons the Mystery Jets are as good as ever.

I Want To Sell Out

JOE BATES on why every artist should aim for the mainstream.

Culture Column 3 – Cosmo Godfree

Cambridge’s musical deprivation is not all it seems, says COSMO GODFREE.

Kate Jackson

COSMO GODFREE is pleasantly surprised by the solo outing of former Long Blondes star Kate Jackson.

Arcsoc Cabaret

JOE BATES almost forgets the naked ladies of Arcsoc’s Cabaret.

Standard Fare

COSMO GODFREE finds Standard Fare lives up to the averageness of its name.