The Future

Dying cats, skipping time, and talking moons come together in new indie flick The Future, reviewed by WILL STINSON.

Kate McGill

Senior Music Critic DAVID HOLLAND goes to Cafe Nero in his lunch break and enjoys the best concert he’s seen all year.

Interview: Boy Mandeville

DAVID HOLLAND talks to local band BOY MANDEVILLE. Boobs, class A drugs and fire extinguishers may or may not be involved.

Cam Band’s Big Break

Cantab Chris Wilson has reached the semi-finals of national competition ‘Live and Unsigned’, and could perform at the O2 if he makes it to the finals.

Interview: Jeffrey Lewis

JEFFREY LEWIS has an uncle who’s “probably the best Jewish socialist rapper in Brooklyn over the age of 60, and probably the best rapper in some other categories too”, and other stories.

British Sea Power

HOLLY STEVENSON: nice songs, shame about the static band and exceedingly long set.

The Bravery

JENNA CORDEROY: The Bravery live up to the name of punk as they smash back onto the UK music scene

The Go! Team

JENNA CORDEROY on how The Go! Team kept everyone in a continual state of groove.

Love Music Hate Racism

EMERALD PASTON: ‘What began as a quiet fund-raising event developed into a night of original and diverse music.’

Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Folk Band

JENNA CORDEROY: “Thoroughly entertaining, energetic, and ridiculously funny; you should try to catch Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel on their UK tour this year.”

Tab Interview: Darwin Deez

TABATHA LEGGETT gets spiritual with musician DARWIN DEEZ.


HOLLY STEVENSON: ‘Despite being on the soundtrack of almost every American teen drama you can think of, Joel Pott’s song to his prematurely born daughter still retains all of its power.’

The Mystery Jets

HOLLY STEVENSON: ‘They felt more like children’s entertainers than bad ass rock ‘n’ rollers.’


ROWAN CALLOWAY cycles out to discover the Chesterton indie scene.

Parvizi Listens: Whitest Boy Alive

Our resident food critic waxes lyrical over his new favourite electrindie discovery.