Inside life of Lauren Dunn from MAFS Australia, Married at First Sight 2024

Footballers and cocktails: The wild PR and party girl life of MAFS Australia It Girl Lauren

She used to work for a wine company, naturally

We might not even be that far into MAFS Australia 2024, but already Lauren is one of the wildest and most outspoken brides the show has ever seen. She’s hilarious, and I fear she might carry the entire show right until the end.

So when she’s not causing chaos in the experiment, you might be wondering what Lauren gets up to in real life. Spoiler alert: She’s just as fun as you’d imagine. Here’s an insight into the life of MAFS Australia bride, Lauren Dunn.

MAFS Australia 2024 bride Lauren is 32, and from Perth

MAFS Australia bride Lauren Dunn is 32, and from Perth. She’s a foodie, and her friends have described her as “loyal”, and said: “She’s a bit of a hot mess but in the best way. She’s very likeable and relatable.” She was apparently *the* cool and popular girl at school, and honestly, I’m not surprised.

She works in PR and marketing

Lauren works in PR and marketing, like you couldn’t already tell she’s a PR girlie. According to her LinkedIn, she’s currently a marketing consultant at Prendiville Group – where she’s worked for over two years.

Prendiville is a group of hotels, and its website says the brand “will take you to some of Australia’s most awe-inspiring destinations; from pristine beaches, lush vineyards, island get aways and red earth outback adventures.”

Before this role, Lauren has worked in content writing for a winemaker, which also fits her party girl brand so well, and she’s worked as a content creator and blogger.

Her Instagram tells you everything you’d expect – she’s a cocktails and good time gal

A quick look on Lauren’s Insta confirms everything you’ve ever thought about her. Her feed shows her always out having a good time, drinking cocktails and spending time with friends. She’s a big fan of a rooftop bar and Aperol Spritz, and goes on holiday in the sun a lot.

You can follow Lauren on Instagram, her handle is @lauren_funn_.

Lauren also hangs out with Snoop Dogg, of course!

Just casually, there’s a photo of Lauren hanging out with the actual Snoop Dogg. She’s got her arm around him like they’re long-term best mates. I’m obsessed.

Before MAFS Australia, Lauren had a footballer ex

Lauren has had her flavour of famous exes, as she was previously in a relationship with former Australian pro footballer, Ryan Crowley. The couple were together for six years, and Lauren has admitted she “did create a lot of shit and drama for him, I feel so bad. The common denominator here is me.” They ended their relationship before she applied to be on MAFS Australia.

Also before going on MAFS Australia, Lauren admitted she can be “a little bit crazy” in relationships and in one clip from the show, she’s seen saying to her husband: “I’ll respect you and support you, but probably not obey you. I haven’t found someone that tickles my fancy. Or tickles anything else!”

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