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Build a Christmas dinner and we’ll tell you if you’re actually northern or southern

Yorkshire puddings go on a Christmas dinner, end of

I don’t know who branded Christmas as being the most wonderful time of the year because for me, it’s a time of panic shopping, suffering the same Christmas hits playlist every time I leave the house and mostly, arguing over what’s going on the Christmas dinner. I cannot stress this enough – the importance of the Christmas dinner cannot be underestimated. It’s a marker of identity, it’s an indicator of status. Everyone does it differently and despite common disagreements between northerners and southerners, there IS a right and a wrong way to do it.

And just like the distinctive sound of a short /æ/ in a northerner’s “bath”, how you build your plate is one of the biggest tells of whether you grew up in the north or south of the country. Yes, Yorkshire puddings have to be on there and no, both mash and potatoes are not too much spud. People who hate sprouts are childish and pigs and blankets are overrated. Everyone likes their Christmas dinner done differently but some of you just need to grow up – I’m sorry but I said it. It’s almost the big day so there’s no time to beat around the bush. Do you think your choice of Christmas dinner is the best? We’ll see – build a Christmas dinner plate and we’ll guess which end of the country you live in.

Take this Christmas dinner quiz and we’ll decide whether you’re northern or southern

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