TikTok clip shows staged Made in Chelsea clubbing scenes

Shock! This TikTok clip shows just how staged and ‘pretend’ Made in Chelsea really is

Clubbing at 9am on a Tuesday? Sure

A clip currently doing the rounds on TikTok is seeming to show just how staged parts of Made in Chelsea really are. Shock horror!

Yes, it appears our favourite posh reality show isn’t all it seems, and parts of it are all just for our entertainment and aren’t real in the slightest. We’ve all thought for years the show has staged parts, and production secrets have said a lot more goes on behind the scenes than just a camera showing up and letting the cast speak naturally.

But, in one TikTok, someone who says they were an extra on the show is sharing it all happen in real time. In a video story time, the poster says they were working behind the bar during one Made in Chelsea scene, which was shown to the viewer as happening on a busy Friday night in a club. However, they say it was filmed on a silent Tuesday morning and they weren’t a real bartender. Yikes.

They were filming the current series, and were “working” behind the bar in a scene featuring Yas, Ruby and new face Lauren.

“I was asked to pretend to be a barman because I had a white shirt (never made a proper drink in my life),” they say. “I was told to act busy because it was supposed to be a Friday night (it was a Tuesday morning and I didn’t have my coffee yet). Anyways, I was just walking back and forth doing absolutely nothing.”

This isn’t the first time the show has been called out like this. An extra who spoke to The Tab claimed the club scenes are actually filmed in complete silence and any music we hear is added post-production. It’s previously been reported clubbing scenes are filmed during the day, and “staff members” in the club are actually hired just for filming the show. The show reportedly hires in extras to act as fellow clubbers, bar staff and door staff at the venues.


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