Helicopter rides and boujie events: Here’s what Duncan has been up to since MAFS Australia

Oh to live his life!

Everyone across the globe fell in love with Duncan during his appearance on Married at First Sight Australia and the love hasn’t stopped now he has been living his best life with Evelyn.

The series finished filming in 2022 and so much has happened since then. Thee has been drama, Instagram feud and now even boxing matches, but Duncan had steered clear far from that. Here’s everything Duncan has been up to since MAFS Australia instead of getting involved in drama.

He is now in a relationship with Evelyn

Everyone, myself included, let out a scream when Evelyn and Duncan officially confirmed they were in relationship. After weeks of speculation, it was almost a relief people thought correctly about their relationship status.

Since announcing their relationship, the couple have been jetting about on helicopters, having romantic vacations and just simply a great time together. If somehow you thought they couldn’t get any cuter, Duncan even said he’d be “keen” to marry Evelyn in a MAFS Australia type wedding. I’ll be waiting for my invite x

Duncan is still close with a lot his MAFS Australia co-stars

Duncan has remained friends with a lot of his MAFS Australia co-stars, and he even hosted a watch party when the reunion aired in Australia. Those in attendance included Janelle, Tahnee and Jesse.

Apparently, he and Alyssa haven’t spoken

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Duncan and Alyssa haven’t had big old chat about their on the experiment given how it all ended.

Alyssa claimed she hasn’t heard “a peep” from Duncan since the experiment, despite him claiming he had reached out but didn’t get a response.

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Alyssa said: “I wish I had heard it [Duncan and Evelyn’s relationship] from either of them first, but I haven’t heard a peep since filming ended. I had texted Evelyn after the show to see how she was doing, and never got a response. I do wish them the best. Everyone deserves to be happy.”

When speaking about his new relationship with Evelyn, Duncan said he had reached out to Alyssa “numerous times” but had no response from her.

“I’ve reached out to Alyssa numerous times after the show and no reply,” he said. “That’s okay because she’s probably hurting and not feeling too good. All I tried to do was say that, if I could, if I could help, or if I could assist in some way I would, but no sort of communication.”

Duncan has been attending a bunch of events since MAFS Australia

Duncan recently attended Cannes in Cairns, which is “the ultimate creative retreat for all you advertising gurus and media mavens”. He attended with Evelyn, season nine bride Carolina Santos and even met up went up on stage with Evelyn to talk about their experience on MAFS Australia.

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