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Alyssa admits why she kept saying ‘my child’ on Married at First Sight Australia

There is a lot viewers didn’t see

Married at First Sight Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde has revealed the real reason behind why she kept on saying “my child” during the experiment. She also revealed why she told Duncan she could only see him on certain days.

MAFS Australia viewers were left baffled when Alyssa told Duncan she would only be able to see him on Wednesdays and every second Saturday as a result of her having to look after her child.

In an Instagram Q&A, a follower asked Alyssa a question to which she explained her reasoning behind what seemed to be a bizarre schedule.

“When you have a child and you are not ready, for me at least, to introduce that child to your new partner, you have limited time and you have different priorities,” she said.

via Nine Network Australia

“His sister when we had a chat with her was like, ‘Duncan it’s just temporary until you meet her child and then you guys can spend all the time together.’

“So the people that say this kind of stuff must not have children because your time is definitely limited when you are a single parent and when you’re dating and it is one of the hardest things ever because sometimes it just doesn’t align and that’s just how it is.”

Alyssa also revealed why always said “my child” on MAFS Australia. She explained that she was sure to never say her son’s name on camera to protect his privacy, hence the “my child” phrase being repeated so often.

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