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Alyssa claims she was convinced to say ‘yes’ at the final vows on MAFS Australia

‘Those are real tears guys, I really was upset’

Married at First Sight Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde has said she originally thought of ended her relationship with Duncan at the final vows, but was convinced otherwise.

During the emotional final vows, viewers saw Duncan end his relationship with Alyssa, something that seemed she didn’t see coming.

“I know what love and a great relationship is and we both deserve that. But our views on what a healthy relationship is seem to be apart,” he told her.

“Maybe it’s our personalities or differing mindsets. Either way, the gap seems too big to bridge. I don’t want to hurt you or continue getting hurt so I have to say goodbye.”

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A shocked and hurt Alyssa responded: “F**k, I was not expecting that,” and walked away in tears. She later admitted hearing Duncan’s speech “devastated” her. “Walking away absolutely devastated me. I feel sick and betrayed,” she said to the camera.

Alyssa has since said she had an inkling that Duncan was not going to say yes at the final vows on MAFS Australia. During an Instagram Q&A, Alyssa claimed that despite saying yes at the final vows, she had first considered doing the opposite, but was convinced otherwise.

“There was a part of me that kind of felt like he [Duncan] was going to say ‘no’ because he had been so distant that last couple of weeks of the experiment,” she explained.

“And so even coming up to the morning of our final vows I had two answers, a yes and a no. And my producer really, really, really stressed on me to say ‘yes’, telling me, ‘You guys keep telling each other you live so close together, it’d be so easy to continue on the relationship outside. You’ve got to give it a go, you’d be cheating yourself if you didn’t give it a go in the real world.’ And I was like, ‘That’s true, you’re right.’

“And then I realised she was doing that so much because she knew that his answer was ‘no’, so they were trying to get me to say ‘yes’ and him to say ‘no’ so it would tie into the storyline. So those are real tears guys, I really was upset.”

MAFS Australia bride Alyssa continued to say just how shocked she was that Duncan had said no because they had made plans for the future.

“We had concert tickets that weekend. He had invited me to his sister’s birthday,” she said.

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