MAFS Australia season nine still friends

So, who from season nine of MAFS Australia are actually still friends?

There have been boxing matches left, right and centre

When taking part in a show like Married at First Sight Australia, cast members form a bond like no other. No one else can quite understand what it’s like going through an experiment besides the people who did it too. The season nine cast of MAFS Australia have all stayed close since the show and some have even joined forces to capitalise on their careers.

Despite there being a lot of drama along the way, here are all the season nine MAFS Australia cast members who have remained friends since the marital experiment.

Anthony and Kate

Kate and Anthony are two people from MAFS Australia season nine viewers didn’t see interact a whole lot but it seems their friendship was just never aired. The pair has posted photos together on Instagram having a blast.

Kate, and her twin sister Bec, gifted Anthony and his girlfriend Kate a pair of black baby Converses as they are expecting their first child.

Sam and Tamara

Despite leaving the experiment without a husband, Samantha and Tamara managed to form a friendship out of it. The former brides have grown close since their time on MAFS Australia and often spend time together on the Gold Coast.

The friends recently went to a festival together and took those all important snaps, just in case people didn’t realise where you were.

“We hate a good time,” Tamara wrote in the Instagram caption.

Domenica and Ella

Domenica and Ella were close on MAFS Australia but their friendship has only continued to grow since. The pair have started a podcast together and have even been travelling the world.

“Crazy to think if we didn’t go on MAFS we wouldn’t be travelling the world together,” Ella wrote on Instagram. “So thank you MAFS.”

Ella was Domenica’s biggest supporter when she was in the I’m A Celebrity jungle. A friendship we all deserve to have in our lives!

Brent and Al

Brent and Al went on a a trip to the US following their time on MAFS Australia and visited some truly iconic places including Beverly Hills. While in LA, the friends caught up with Alana Lister from season eight of MAFS Australia.

The pair even made a joint TikTok account, sharing videos of them pranking each other. Iconic really! The trip to LA was where Brent met his girlfriend.

Samantha, Olivia and Tamara

Samantha, Olivia and Tamara all reunited following Olivia’s breakup with her onscreen husband Jackson Lonie. The brides all spent the weekend together with a trip to a winery and tasting. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Cody, Jackson, Mitch and Matt

It wasn’t just the MAFS brides who had a reunion as some of the season nine grooms also had a reunion of their own after the show. Cody, Jackson, Mitch and Matt all had a boys weekend in Queensland and visited the Tangalooma Island resort.

“Weekend away with some good people and some good times,” Jackson wrote on Instagram with a carousel of photos from the weekend.

Domenica and Jack

Domenica and Jack didn’t find love with one another on the show, but they did find a friendship! Domenica was the person who introduced Jack to his current girlfriend, Courtney Stubbs, and they are now expecting their first child together.

Jack and Brent

Jack and Brent have stayed closed friends since the experiment and they have been attending events together non-stop.

Al, Brent and Ella

If you thought Sam, Olivia and Tamara were an iconic trio, Al, Brent and Ella will knock it out of the park. Al and Brent recently flew to Melbourne to spend the weekend with Ella and had a wholesome weekend together.

“What a wild little trip we had in Melbourne and grateful for the memories. Not as grateful for the hangovers though,” Brent wrote with a photo of the three of them.

Ella was also a fierce supporter of Al when he revealed his girlfriend to his followers, who is 18 years old.

Olivia and Tamara

Olivia and Tamara had a close friendship when they appeared on the experiment and often bonded about their views on the show. Since the experiment, they have been spending time together and posting wholesome selfies on Instagram.

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