stephen bear sentenced

Stephen Bear is just one of many men filming women during sex without their consent

The stories coming out on TikTok are truly terrifying

Stephen Bear was found guilty of voyeurism and disclosing private sexual photographs and films on Tuesday after he published a CCTV video of him and Georgia Harrison having sex in his garden on OnlyFans in August, 2020.

Since Stephen Bear’s verdict was announced, many women have celebrated his sentencing. But, while the outcome sets a reassuring precedent that revenge porn is never ok, it’s terrifying how many more men besides Bear have filmed women during sex without their consent, according to accounts from users on TikTok and Reddit.

According to TikTok, women are realising men are filming them during sex when they notice their phone light or flash in the darkness or feel their partner take one hand off their hip. “Called it his trophy,” wrote one user of the non-consensual video taken of them. “I was 16 and scared,” another wrote .

On Reddit, stories are even more detailed. “I found out that my partner of eight years videotaped us having sex while I was blindfolded, without me knowing,” wrote one user. “It has me wondering if there are more. When we talked about it, he said he thought it would be ok because we have been together for so long it implied consent.”

“I had sex with someone I’ve know for years in their car and noticed they were filming me without my consent” wrote another. “I was in a position with my back to them but noticed the light on their phone camera…I should’ve left or done 100 things differently….I regrettably continued the encounter even though I vocally informed them more than once that they did not have permission to film me. Is this a crime? The sex was consensual, however the filming was not.”

Thankfully, filming a partner during sex without their consent has been a criminal offence of voyeurism in the UK since 2020. And Georgia Harrison hopes the justice she got against Stephen Bear for recording and publishing footage of her without consent will give others “the courage to seek justice”. 

But coming forwards requires intense bravery.  “In our frontline experience of supporting those who’ve been subjected to sexual violence and abuse, we know the significant trauma image-based abuse, including being filmed naked or during sex without consent, can cause,” Rape Crisis communications manager Katie Russell has previously added of non-consensual filming.

Yet, despite the emotional impact of being filmed during sex without consent, men taking these photos and videos during sex show little remorse for what they have done. Some  even brag about the offence in TikTok comments: “Gotta take a picture for the lads” one man wrote. “Take it as a compliment,” advised another.

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