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All the movies and TV shows you had no idea Meghan Markle was actually in

Let’s never forget when she acted alongside THE Skepta in Anti-Social

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell documentary has just dropped on Netflix and absolutely no one is prepared for the chaotic fallout that is about to happen. With only three episodes out so far, Meghan and Harry have reminisced on how they met and how they got engaged, but before Meghan even met Prince Harry she had a very successful career of her own. Meghan is probably best known for her roles as Rachel Zane on Suits, but the former royal had been in a lot more before then. Here are all the TV shows and movies you had no idea Meghan Markle starred in:

General Hospital

General Hospital was one of Meghan’s first TV roles and she played a nurse called Jill in two episodes in 2001.

Horrible Bosses

Meghan Markle had a very brief role in the hit 2011 comedy movie Horrible Bosses. The movie had the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis in the cast but Meghan wasn’t exactly in one of the leading roles alongside them. Meghan played the role of a FedEx delivery woman called Jamie.

In the scene, Kurt (who is played by Jason Sudeikis), is talking about his job and sees Jamie waiting for a signature on a package she is delivering. After he awkwardly flirts with her, Jamie brushes him off and leaves.

Remember Me

Remember Me was released in 2010 and told the story of Tyler who meets Ally and a secret soon creates a divide between the two of them. Tyler is played by Robert Pattinson, and Meghan plays the role of a bartender, also called Megan, and she interacts with Tyler. She says all but three words in the scene.

Get Him to the Greek

Meghan Markle was really in her prime in 2010 when it came to small movie roles. Get Him to the Greek  starred Jonah Hill and Russell Brand in the lead roles and Russell Brand has even claimed he once kissed the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan played the role of Tatiana but no one really knows who she was in it.

Speaking on Loose Women, Russell Brand said: “Meghan Markle, I didn’t know at the time because she wasn’t married to a royal person so I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t remember the film that much, I think I planted one on her in the scene.” However according to the Daily Star, this never happened.

The War at Home

American sitcom The War at Home had two seasons from 2005 to 2007 and she played the role of Susan in one episode. Susan is an insurance saleswoman who catches the eye of her colleague Dave Gold, played by Michael Rapaport.

A Lot Like Love

The 2005 film A Lot Like Love  starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet is one of Meghan Markle’s earliest acting credits. Meghan’s character was literally called Hot Girl but introduces herself as Natalie and is in the movie for about 30 seconds. In the movie she says hello to Ashton Kutcher and Kal Penn on a plane.

The Candidate

The Candidate is a 19 minute short film which follows an “underhanded company man” who is offered assistance by a secret organisation “that immerses him in forces beyond his control”. Meghan stars as Kat, alongside Robert Picardo and Tom Gulager.

CSI: New York

Meghan Markle had a brief role in an episode of CSI: New York as Veronica Perez. Veronica was a fired maid obsessed with a rich playboy, who shows up dead in his gym. Meghan later went on to appear on CSI: Miami, but as a different character.

Dater’s Handbook

Meghan’s big break in cringe romantic comedies finally came in 2016 and it was one of the last movies she ever acted in. Meghan plays the role of Cassandra Barber, a woman who changes her personality according to a dating guide in a bid to find her husband. In a true cliche twist, Cassandra soon finds the man of the dreams who loved her for who she was all the time. Anyways, add it to my Netflix list immediately.

When Sparks Fly

Meghan is a big city journalist in this film and yes, it’s just as cringe as you’d imagine but she makes it work. She stars as Amy Peterson who returns to her small hometown to write a story and “discovers the life and love she left behind are exactly what she’s been missing.”


Imagine starring alongside Mason from Wizards of Waverly Place and not brag about it all the time? Meghan is a better woman than me. She stars alongside Gregg Sulkin who is an “anarchic” street-artist who is “confronting the system”. Meghan starred as Kirsten who was Gregg Sulkin’s girlfriend in the film. Jealous.

Random Encounters

Honestly, it’s time we all sit down as a nation and watch all of Meghan Markle’s Hallmark movies. Random Encounters was released in 2013 and is a romantic comedy about a couple who meet through a chance encounter at a coffee shop. Meghan Markle plays the role of Mindy who tries to offer dating and love advice to her roommate. The movie has an IMDb rating of 4.3 stars out of 10.

Dysfunctional Friends

Meghan had a fairly minor role in the 2012 comedy Dysfunctional Friends. She played the role of Terry who is a photographer in the movie.


Fringe was an American science-fiction TV series which ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2013. Meghan Markle played FBI Special Agent Amy Jessup who became involved with the Fringe Division after following up on a crash. She was on Fringe for two episodes.


Deceit is about a man who returns to his hometown after his father’s death and begins to find an attraction to his friend’s wife and she is then caught in between the two men. Meghan plays the role of Gwen, an acquaintance of one of the main characters.

The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down

The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down follows “a group of Hollywood partygoers on their escapades as they travel from home to bar to party to after-party seeking the ultimate party experience. Sounds like an episode of Geordie Shore!

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