Leo Woodall The White Lotus

Meet Leo Woodall: The hot Londoner from The White Lotus who everyone’s obsessed with

He literally modelled his entire character off Joey Essex

The White Lotus season two has the online TV world in a chokehold, and anyone who’s dipped their toe into the luxury resort waters of the HBO show knows exactly why the sex-filled drama has taken everyone by storm. If season one was wild, season two is something else. And there’s one lad who no one can stop thinking of: Leo Woodall – who plays cheeky Essex fella Jack as The White Lotus tears up Italy in its second season. Here’s everything you need to know about Leo Woodall now The White Lotus is making him the name on everyone’s lips.

Okay first of all, is he actually from Essex???

The shock of the millennia is that Leo Woodall actually isn’t from Essex. I know, I know – truly shocking. Leo is from West London and practiced for the role of Jack by studying videos of Joey Essex from TOWIE. Joey Essex having cultural relevance on critically acclaimed HBO shows thrills me so much you have no idea.

How old is Leo Woodall?

Leo Woodall was born in 1996, so he’s 26. Which is the exact same age as me. Basically, we’re soulmates.

What else has he been in?

Before he broke through to mainstream recognition on The White Lotus season two, Leo Woodall made his acting debut in Man Down in 2019. He’s also starred alongside Tom Holland in Cherry, was the lead in a film called Nomad and also featured in Vampire Academy.

What’s his Insta?

His Instagram is @leowoodall, and his Insta is a big vibe – if looking at gorgeous men with amazing London lives is your sort of thing. He’s just hit 26,000 followers at the time of publication.

What else is he up to when The White Lotus season two wraps?

The White Lotus is an anthology, so it’s unclear yet whether Leo Woodall could pop back up in a season three. But even if he doesn’t come back, he’s keeping busy across multiple streamers. He’s due to star in a Netflix adaptation of One Day and in the Amazon spy drama Citadel.

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