Explained: The very public downfall of Seann Walsh and his cheating scandal

Since he entered the jungle, Women’s Aid asked ITV ‘not to platform alleged abusers’

This year, a number of the I’m A Celeb campmates have had previous controversy in their careers, and one of these is Seann Walsh. Seann Walsh was involved in a very public cheating scandal, which caused the breakdown of two relationships.

Since he’s been in the I’m A Celeb camp, Women’s Aid has issued a statement about what happened with him, and a few people are shocked he’s managed to seemingly turn around his whole career, and be back being paid to appear on reality TV. So, here’s a full reminder of what has happened in the controversy surrounding Seann Walsh.

Seann Walsh talks about controversy and cheating scandal during I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

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Right, so what is all the controversy surrounding Seann Walsh, and what is the cheating scandal?

Comedian Seann Walsh has become best known for the Strictly cheating scandal he was involved in. In 2018, Seann was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, and was partnered up with Katya Jones.

During the show, Seann was pictured kissing his partner Katya outside a pub, whilst he was in a relationship, and Katya was married to fellow Strictly professional, Neil Jones. Sean was in a relationship with an acress called Rebecca Humphries, and the kiss took place on Rebecca’s birthday.

Sean has discussed the scandal himself whilst he’s been in the jungle, and said it was the “worst moment of his life”. Speaking to Sue Cleaver, he said: “Me and my dance partner, who was married, I was in a relationship, we were photographed kissing when we were on Strictly Come Dancing. That was the front page of every newspaper.” When Sue asked him why this moment “crucified” him so much, Seann went on to say it was because Rebecca posted a statement at the time.

Following what happened, Seann’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca released a statement in which she claimed Seann called her a  “psycho” and “nuts” for ever questioning if anything was going on with him and Katya. Seann and Rebecca soon announced they had broken up.

Despite the controversy, Seann Walsh and Katya Jones carried on with the show, and were eliminated in the fifth week. Katya called the kiss a “drunken mistake” and at first stayed with husband Neil, but they too announced their split in August 2019.

Finishing his chat with Sue on I’m A Celeb, Seann added: “I just want to be clear in that I’m very sorry about what happened and I really want this to be a positive experience and it really has been. I want to come out of here and move forward.”

He also spoke about an apology he made on The Jonathan Ross show, where he told the viewers: “I think if you lie and cheat on the person that you’re meant to care for and be in a relationship with, then that is a form of abuse, of course it is. All I can be is as sorry as I am. I hope one day that she’ll forgive me.”

Women’s Aid has issued a statement since Seann Walsh entered the I’m A Celeb jungle

Since he’s been appearing on I’m A Celeb, charity Women’s Aid has shared it wants ITV to “not platform alleged abusers” – following what Seann said to Sue.

The tweet reads: “Imagine experiencing gaslighting by a partner, undergoing therapy, and then watching that person garner sympathy on national TV? We ask @ITV @imacelebrity to consider in their edit not platforming alleged abusers minimising their actions on screen. Solidarity with survivors.”

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