Every single UK university is going have lecturer strikes for three days this month

‘Put a proper offer on the table or this is just the start of our fight back’

University lecturers are striking yet again – and this time it’s every single uni in the country, as staff are campaigning for better pay and pensions, among other things.

Last month, the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) won its national ballots for industrial action, with over 70,000 university staff at 140 unis taking part in the vote. According to the UCU the dispute remains unresolved.

We have already seen up to 18 days of strike action at over 140 universities last academic year, and now staff are set to go on strike this academic term. A Tab investigation this summer found Russell Group unis saved £11million in withheld pay whilst lecturers were on strike last university year.

The exact days lecturers will be striking are:

• November 24th

• November 25th

• November 30th

UCU members will be striking for the three days later this month. UCU’s general secretary Dr Jo Grady said: “70,000 members on strike to defend their jobs”, “win a proper pay rise” and “take back their pensions”.

“We will now plan to deliver the biggest picket lines in UCU history on the 24th and 25th November. On the 30th, we want as many of you as possible to head to London for the biggest ever demonstration of UCU members. We are going to protest ahead of our talks with the employers.”

She said: “Our message during these three days is very clear. Put a proper offer on the table or this is just the start of our fight back. This strike will be like no other we have called before. The ballot was different, the action will be different, the result will be different. The longer the picket line, the shorter the dispute.”

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