Drag Race UK RuPaul missing

A roundup of all the wild theories on why RuPaul is absent on Drag Race UK this week

It’s the first time in franchise history that Ru’s missed an episode

In the preview released by WOW Presents for this week’s episode of Drag Race UK, they made no bones about the fact that something was going to be different. For the first time in the entire herstory of the franchise, RuPaul will not be there. Now this isn’t like RuPaul not hosting an international version, this is RuPaul missing an episode. Why? We have no idea. The show might tell us, it might not – but the fans imaginations are running wild. Here’s a little roundup of all the theories on why RuPaul is missing this week’s episode of Drag Race UK

First thing’s first: Watch the weird trailer

As you can see, RuPaul is nowhere to seen. There’s Michelle Visage doing all the RuPaul bits that we know like the back of our hands like main stage introductions and telling queens to sashay away. We get a judging panel glimpse, which features special guest judge Boy George and Raven – the season two queen who famously does Ru’s hair and makeup.

Raven on the judging panel marks the first time in Drag Race herstory in a Ru-fronted season where another drag queen sits on the panel. There are a lot of firsts going on! Inexplicably!

At this point, I’m convinced that the show must tell us in detail why Ru isn’t going to be there and is missing the episode, but in case they try and sweep it under the carpet, here are some fan theories on the absence.

Ru was ill

One of the most popular and realistic theories is that RuPaul got ill and therefore couldn’t film the episode. It’s not out of the question – after filming two seasons throughout the Covid pandemic and lockdowns it makes sense that BBC would be extra cautious.

Covid aside, it’s plausible Ru could have got a small injury that meant he couldn’t do any filming for a day or so.

Ru flew to Canada to film the finale of Canada’s Drag Race VS the World

I personally think this might be the case. Although Ru has never hosted an episode of Canada’s Drag Race, instead proceedings are ran by season 11 runner up Brooke Lynn Hytes, Ru did helm the first season of VS the World and it makes sense to me that she would want to be over there to crown the next winner.

The show is gearing up for Michelle to take over Drag Race UK

There are some theories that RuPaul will take a step back from the franchise and Michelle Visage will take over proceedings in the UK. Michelle is a reality TV stalwart here who famously loves our culture, and she’s clearly a pro at judging by this point. It’s not unthinkable!


RuPaul was hosting Celebrity Lingo

Ru has been hosting ITV’s Celebrity Lingo, so some fans are theorising that he was over there doing some essential filming. It doesn’t add up to me though – surely there’d be contract rules between ITV and BBC where they would avoid clashes?

Ru had to be prime minister

I mean, at this point it’s RuPaul or the Liz Truss lettuce.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four continues on BBC Three and iPlayer Thursdays at 9pm – where we might find out why RuPaul was missing for this week’s episode! Watch the full Meet the Queens here.

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