Unsolved Mysteries has been ‘flooded’ with tips since the release of season three on Netflix

The show might help actually close one of the unsolved cases

Netflix series Unsolved Mysteries has been “flooded” with tips about one of the cases featured in season three of the true crime show. It’s been reported the show might have significantly helped a previously unsolved murder case come closer to reaching a conclusion.

One of the season three episodes covers the death of David Carter, in 2018. His ex-girlfriend, Tammy Williams, is the main suspect, but has been missing for four years, since David died. The executive producer of Unsolved Mysteries, Terry Dunn Meurer, confirmed to TMZ that over 90 tips have come in regarding Tammy’s whereabouts.

In 2018, David was found dead along a highway, with a single gunshot wound to the head. Williams was arrested in Michigan at the time, but was released a few days later when authorities said there wasn’t enough evidence to press charges. She then left the state, and has been missing ever since.

Tips in the David Carter and Tammy Williams Body in Bags case from Unsolved Mysteries season three on Netflix

via Netflix

The Unsolved Mysteries episode about this case is season three episode three, titled “Body in Bags”, as David’s body was found dismembered and placed into bags at the side of the road.

Investigators have said they have had “quite a lot of tips” since Unsolved Mysteries season three, and many say Williams is still in the US. It’s been reported she is still the prime suspect in the case, and it is believed she is probably using an alias and has changed her appearance to avoid detection.

Investigators are still looking for tips, and are offering a $10k reward for information regarding Williams’ whereabouts. If you have any information, please submit it via the Unsolved Mysteries tips website.

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