movies like Luckiest Girl Alive

Here’s what you should be watching next if you’ve binged Luckiest Girl Alive

I can’t get this film out of my head

Netflix dropped Luckiest Girl Alive recently and to say every woman ever needs to watch it would be an understatement. It is truly a work of art and all people can talk about is what they want to watch next. So, here’s a rundown of every single film or series you need to add to your watchlist next.

Promising Young Woman

If Emerald Fennell gave us one gift in her life it was this movie. Promising Young Woman is a work of art and every woman has to watch it in her life, it’s a right of passage a bit like Fleabag. This movie tells the story of Cassie who attempts to destroy the male gaze and use her femininity to help her.

Do Revenge

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You’re probably thinking Do Revenge and Luckiest Girl Alive are very different from one another but if you look closely enough you’ll notice loads of similarities. For example both films focus on a woman who has had her life ruined by a man. Both Ani and Drea were bullied at school and felt they were threatened by rich people so instead they attached themselves to them. Do Revenge is a good watch and if you enjoyed a woman getting revenge on a shit man in her life then it should be your next watch.


movies like Luckiest Girl Alive

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Unbelievable is a miniseries on Netflix, it’s based on a true story like Luckiest Girl Alive. The cast is led by three females and tells the story of Marie Adler, a survivor of sexual assault and a victim whose account is not believed by many. Just like Luckiest Girl Alice, Marie struggled to gain acceptance from other people who do not understand her trauma. It’s what Ani experiences with her mother and boyfriend, both the women want to tell their story on their own terms.

Erin Brockovich

This film features Julia Roberts who plays a single mother of three who witnesses a social injustice and decides to take on the bad guys. Erin, played by Roberts, fails a personal injury lawsuit and asks her lawyer to help her find some work. He gives her the role of clerk in his office and she runs across some information on a little-known case filed against Pacific Gas and Electric. Erin begins to dig up dirt on people involved in the case and in time she finds something even bigger than she imagined. It’s an old film but it’s iconic.

The Fallout

The Fallout was released last year and people are still speaking about it and its relevance around school shootings in the US. The film shines a light on the post-traumatic stress young people face after terrifying events. Mila Kunis’ Luckiest Girl Alive also manages to touch on the issue of school shootings which connects the two movies together.

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