Drag Race UK power ranking three

Drag Race UK 2022 power ranking: Great week for design, bad week for Ella Henderson

All hail the return of the RuPaul bauble

We’re well into Drag Race UK season four, and it’s time for the all important power ranking. A time where we come together to celebrate the best and the worst of the week’s proceedings, and with the sewing challenge this week and the pairing determined by a bingo spinner, tensions were rising and lattices were latticing. Let’s jump right into the highs and the lows of Drag Race UK season four with a classique power ranking. Hit the bloody slay button!

The duo of Dakota and Baby

Baby was unjustly robbed of a RuPeter badge last week by unfortunately being the best on the worst team – but she came back with Dakota and smashed it all over again. What a pair. They both gobbled it up I fear, and I’m extremely here for a Dakota rise to greatness from being in the bottom all the way to the finale (hopefully) a la Spankie Jackzon.

Leomie Anderson

The most gorgeous woman on earth, I fear. Lovely presence, great critiques and a look I just could not stop staring at. Bit of an icon.

Danny Beard’s commentary

Absolutely cherishing every one liner that Ar Danny spouts, “it’s not pie week” being the highlight of this week’s.

RuPaul denouncing the name Jonbers Blonde

I love when Ru just announces how he feels about something, and the pure dismissal of the word Jonbers was hugely iconic. J Blonde only from now on!

The return of Alan Carr

I love Graham Norton with all my gay heart and soul, but I love Alan Carr like a mother. I crave Alan Carr’s critiques like I crave oxygen and running water. They’re always endlessly quotable, playfully shady but never mean and said with a knowing glimmer in his eye. Love him forever, and after two weeks of Graham back to back Alan felt like a shot of serotonin.

Black Peppa’s lip sync ability

As hell as it was seeing Her Royal Highness Black Peppa in the bottom two, we DID get to see how much she annihilates a stage. Like, Copper Topp did a valiant job, but it wasn’t happening for her. There was no chance. Black Peppa hit every beat, it was truly a treat for the eyes even if the lattice look was crumbling around her.

The return of the RuBauble


Danny and Pixie not placing low

I’m not sure if this is a high or a low, because part of me thinks it’s very iconic that two looks described as ‘a night of 1000 Coleen Nolans’ by one Twitter user managed to avoid a bit of a roasting. But it did feel a bit wrong that these two didn’t get a bit of a raking across the coals for their plain, identical blue dresses.


It ain’t pie week, and sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. The concept was good for Peppa and JB, but the execution and lack of time has left the art of a lattice plait plummeting down the Drag Race UK 2022 power ranking.

Ella Henderson

When the lip sync started I actually gasped out loud. I bet the BBC have been at panic stations and chuckling watching the global cancellation of Ella Henderson after the videos of her performing at the TikTok sponsored Conservative Party conference. Of course, this was filmed and chosen way before Twitter ended her reign at Pride events up and down the country, but the timing was delicious and toe curlingly cringe.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four continues on BBC Three and iPlayer Thursdays at 9pm.Watch the full Meet the Queens here.

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