Jeffrey Dahmer had 17 male victims – here’s everything you should know about them

His final victim was a father of three looking for work in Milwaukee

Over the course of 13 years, Jeffrey Dahmer had 17 victims who he murdered and dismembered without getting caught. Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer cannibal who targeted homosexual men and teens, many of whom were people of colour. Dahmer often found his targets in public areas such as bars, bus stops and in the street. He lured them back into his apartment by offering money in exchange for photos or sex. When the men got to Dahmer’s house he would drug and kill them, often dismembering their bodies and sometimes having sex with them.

The New York Times reported Jeffrey Dahmer often kept trophies of his victims and placed their bonEs into a 57-gallon drum. Here’s everything you should know about the 17 innocent lives Dahmer took.

Jeffrey Dahmer victims

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Who were the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer?

Steven Hicks

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18-year-old Steven Hicks was murdered in 1978 after Jeffrey Dahmer picked him up in Ohio. Steven was hitchhiking on his way to meet his friends at a rock concert. Jeffrey Dahmer took Steven back to his dad’s house and offered him a beer. The Netflix show depicts the paid lifting weights and drinking beers but when the time gets closer to Steve having to meet his friends, Jeffrey doesn’t want him to leave.

When Steven tried to leave, Jeffrey bludgeoned him with a dumbbell. He then strangled him, dismembered his body and scattered his remains in the woodland behind his family home.

Steven Tuomi

Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t kill anyone between the years 1978 and 1987. His second victim was Steven Tuomi, who was thought to be 24 or 25-years-old. Jeffrey and Steven met at a bar in September 1987. When questioned by the police, Jeffrey confessed to taking Steven back to a hotel in Milwaukee to drug and rape him however he claimed he couldn’t remember what happened next.

Jeffrey Dahmer said he woke up to find Steven dead in his bed and he apparently had “no intention of hurting him”. Dahmer reportedly transported Steven’s body to his grandmother’s in a suitcase, where he then dismembered and pulverised the bones.

James Doxtator

Jeffrey Dahmer victims

James Doxator was 14-years-old when he met Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey lured James into the basement in his grandmother’s house, and promised him money for nude photos. He then drugged, raped, strangled and dismembered James’ body.

Richard Guerrero

Richard Guerrero was offered money by Jeffrey Dahmer if he returned with him to his grandmother’s home. Jeffery then drugged and strangled Richard, committed necrophilia and dismembered Richard’s body after.

Anthony Sears

Anthony was a 24-year-old model who met Jeffrey Dahmer at a bar. Jeffrey Dahmer drugged and strangled Anthony however he also reportedly kept trophies of his murder.

Raymond Smith

Raymond Smith was Jeffrey Dahmer’s first murder after leaving prison for a second-degree sexual assault charge. Jeffery moved out of his grandma’s and into a new apartment. Shortly after he met a 32-year-old sex worker called Raymond Smith. Jeffrey drugged Raymond, strangled him and took photos of his corpse. He also dismembered Raymond’s body and preserved his skull which he kept close to Anthony Sears remains. The photos and remains were eventually found in 1991.

Edward Smith

Edward Smith was Jeffrey Dahmer’s seventh victim. The 27-year-old and Jeffrey Dahmer had reportedly been seen together at a club before.

Ernest Miller

Ernest Miller was a busboy when he went to visit family in Milwaukee on Labor Day weekend in 1990. Dahmer met him and offered him money to return to his apartment. An article from the Washington Post dating back to 1991 says Dahmer drugged Ernest and then cut his throat and killed him.

David Thomas

David Thomas was a young man who went missing in 1990. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of his murder and photos of his dismembered body were discovered, although his body as never actually found. David is one of the four victims, along with Steve Tuomi, Richard Guerrero and Eddie Smith whose bodies have not been recovered.

Curtis Straughter

Curtis Straughter was the tenth murder victim of Jeffrey Dahmer. Curtis was approached by Dahmer as he waited at a bus stop near Marquette University. Dahmer got Curtis back to his apartment by enticing him with an offer of money in exchange for posting for photographs. When Curtis went back with Dahmer he was drugged, strangled and dismembered.

Errol Lindsey

19-year-old Errol Lindsey met Jeffrey Dahmer on the street when he was encouraged to go back to Dahmer’s apartment. When Errol went back he was drugged however what makes his case different is that he was the first person Dahmer attempted to conduct experiments on.

Dahmer drilled a hole in Errol Lindsey’s skull and poured acid into it, in an attempt to induce a zombie-like state. Errol Lindsey woke up but Dahmer drugged him again and strangled him, later dismembering and disposing of his body.

Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes and Jeffrey Dahmer met at a gay bar. Tony was an aspiring model and he was also deaf, the pair communicated through written notes. Dahmer strangled Tony Hughes and left his body on the floor for three days before dismembering him and taking images of the process.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak Sinthasomphone was only 14-years-old when Jeffrey Dahmer lured him back to his apartment whilst Tony Hughes’ body was still on the floor. Dahmer drilled a hole into Konerak’s skill but he then woke up, escaped and was crying out for help.

As shown in the Netflix series, Glenda Cleveland lived in the building opposite Dahmer and was already suspicious of him. She saw Konerak and called the police immediately. Whilst trying to get information from the boy, Dahmer returned and managed to convince police that the boy was actually 19-years-old and his boyfriend. The police then allowed Dahmer to take the teenager back inside where he was killed quickly after. Dahmer dismembered his body but kept his head in the freezer.

Matt Turner

Jeffrey Dahmer travelled to Chicago’s Pride Parade in the summer of 1991 where he met Matt Turner who was 20-years-old. Once they were at a bus station, Dahmer offered Matt Turner money to go with him to Milwaukee and post for nude photographs. The Post reported once they were at Dahmer’s apartment, Turner was drugged and Dahmer then strangled and dismembered him.

Jeremiah Weinberger

Just days after killing Matt Turner, Dahmer travelled to Chicago again and met Jeremiah at a gay bar. 23-year-old Jeremiah Weinberger was offered money by Dahmer in return for going home with him to Milwaukee to exchange nude photographs. He reportedly stayed with Dahmer for two whole days, on the first day they engaged in oral sex according to reports and then the next day when Jeremiah wanted to leave Dahmer strangled him and dismembered his body.

Oliver Lacy

Oliver lacy was a 24-year-old man from Chicago when Dahmer met him in July 1991. They met on a street corner in Milwaukee and Dahmer invited him back to his apartment. Once he was at Dahmer’s apartment Oliver had a drink which Dahmer had drugged and he was then killed.

Joseph Bradehoft

25-year-old Joseph Bradehoft was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer and became the last of his victims. Joseph he was a father of three from Minnesota who was looking for work in Milwaukee. Dahmer left Joseph’s body on his bed for two days before being decapitated, his head placed in the fridge and his torso in the drum.

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