Are you spiritually more like Drea or Eleanor in Do Revenge? Take this quiz to find out

I don’t care who I am so long as I have Drea’s beaut wardrobe

Do Revenge is the best film Netflix has ever made. It’s a refreshingly modern take on the classic 90s and 00s teen movie, but with so many references and Easter eggs that pay homage to the genre, as well as flipping it on its head. In short: it’s pure cinema. And the film would be nothing without its two main characters, Drea and Eleanor.

Drea, played by Riverdale star Camila Mendes, is tough and hard working, with a wardrobe full of iconic clothes and armed with a load of biting one-liners. Stranger Things star Maya Hawke plays Eleanor, Drea’s newfound best friend who is super loyal but also out for some serious revenge. There’s a little bit of Drea and Eleanor in all of us, but which one are you spiritually aligned to and, in Drea’s words, “fucked up soulmates” with??

Take this quiz now to find out if you are more like Drea or Eleanor in Do Revenge:

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