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Ok so who actually is Chelsea Lee Art from TikTok, and why is she always live on the FYP?

Ah-roots, darling! Roots!

If there is one constant in my life when scrolling the TikTok For You Page that isn’t Snapshot Eye wafting his jumper in my face, it’s that you can guarantee Chelsea Lee Art will be on a live shouting her timeless catchphrase “ROOTS, darling, ROOTS!” Or if she’s not rootsing, she’s booyaka-ing and stating nostrils.

But who actually is Chelsea Lee Art? Where did she come from? How old is she? And how the hell did she become one of the most talked about creators right now? Here’s a full profile on Chelsea Lee Art from TikTok and everything you need to know about her.

Chelsea Lee Art is an artist from Chelsea, funnily enough

Not only is Chelsea called Chelsea, she’s based there too. According to her website she’s based on Sydney St in Chelsea, but also it states that a selection of curated artworks by Chelsea are on display at someone called Ian Towning’s gallery, which is on King’s Road. From her visuals on her website, Chelsea’s art style is big and graphic – almost graffit-esque. She does large prints.

Her TikTok accounts keep getting banned

Chelsea Lee Art is known on TikTok for her catchphrase ROOTS, darling, ROOTS – as well as booyaka and “nostrils”. She has an inactive Twitter, and two Instagrams – one for fashion and one where she posts pictures of her and some of her TikToks. She first made it big talking about hair brushes and hair styles, but now frequently goes live and shouts her catchphrase at people out and about on the street.

This has resulted in Chelsea getting arrested several times. She constantly has to make new TikTok accounts, and is friendly with Chelsea Harwood AKA Evil Queen.

Chelsea Lee Art is 41

She recently said her age on a TikTok live. It’s quite hard to keep up with all of Chelsea’s antics on the app as she’s often on new accounts, but a good place to keep up to date with her fascinating presence is via the Chelsea Lee Art subreddit which you can find here.

Last night, for example, she was banned permanently from Soho House after going in and causing a scene. Chelsea Lee Art has said she has bipolar – and whilst it can be entertaining to watch her audacious antics it’s important to note that she does suffer from mental health issues and must be treated as such.

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