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Debunked: Is McDonald’s really going to start doing all day breakfast from 6th October?

No because I would die for a 6pm hashbrown

There’s a viral tweet going around saying McDonald’s will start serving all day breakfast on 6th October and it’s causing a lot of confusion for all of us in the UK. There’s nothing we love more than a hashbrown and greasy McMuffin so the thought of being able to have our hands on one after 10:30am is actually making me a bit emotional. Here’s everything we know about McDonald’s all day breakfast making its comeback on 6th October 2022 in the UK.

Where did the McDonald’s all day breakfast rumour come from?

It all blew up on Twitter when one person shared this screenshot from the McDonald’s website which confirms all day breakfast will be coming back on 6th October this year. It says: “Let there be breakfast: McDonald’s serving all day breakfast starting October 6”. It then goes on to hype everyone up but if you’ve jumped onto the website yourself you will have noticed the vibes aren’t British.

It doesn’t seem like the UK will get McDonald’s all day breakfast on 6th October

Sorry if this is distressing to hear but that screenshot above is from the American website. It includes the menu too which consists of items like hot cakes, parfait, oatmeal and sausage biscuits – very American.

Not only that but it’s signed off by Lisa McComb from McDonald’s USA. Plus the date on the screenshot is written the American way with the day after the month.

PrettyLittleThing also shared the screenshot posting it to its Twitter and the comments are full of angry British people. One person said: “It says again and we’ve never had it before so definitely not about the UK…might want to delete this.” Another person replied saying: “I’m owed some compensation here by PLT. Got so excited but turns out it’s only the USA. How could you tease us like this?” EMOTIONAL TURMOIL.

McDonald’s confirmed it’s not coming to the UK

McDonald’s told The Tab there are currently “no plans to bring it to the UK at the moment”. I am sobbing. So sadly we can confirm it’s not true but we’re so ready for the day when it finally happens.

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