Every single time Curtis Pritchard has proved himself as being the biggest walking ick

His recent bizarre dance as a pea is where I draw the line

Curtis Pritchard has had so many evil and embarrassing moments. He’s branded amongst men like Liam Payne, whatever they do they just get all the wrong kind of attention and become a laughing stock. Curtis’ latest embarrassing moment was brought to us by a viral TikTok in which he was wearing a pea costume and frolicking about on a stage. Watching it felt like a fever dream.

Since his stint on Love Island there have been too many icks to count and at this point we need a safe space to keep all of them together. From his heart race dance to “How’s Trish?” The man has proved he’s nothing but cursed. At what point do you congratulate the man for sticking to his guns and not quitting his entire career? Here’s a history of some of the most cringe moments to ever happen to Curtis Pritchard.

‘I also want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee so everyone’s ready for the morning’

Imagine your man sits you down and says this instead of just admitting they don’t want to hug in bed in the morning. It’s soooo evil. Things really took a turn at this point, this entire Love Island scene will go down in the history books as one of the most iconic ones of all time. Unmatched.

Curtis’ heart rate dance on Love Island

via ITV

This image lives rent free in my mind and I really wish it didn’t. Seeing Curtis Pritchard in purple lycra shorts is something I could go my entire lifetime without seeing. And what makes it worse is that he did raise the temperature in the villa that night, everyone was shook. Amber Gill was so gagged and Maura even said the words: “Holy Mary Mother of God”.

His cringey stand up performance was tragic

Back in 2021 Curtis Pritchard featured on Channel 4’s Stand-Up and Deliver. It’s a show that sees a bunch of celebrities attempt to become stand-up comedians within two short weeks. It’s safe to say Curtis flopped and wasn’t successful in the challenge of becoming a comic. It turns out his jokes are heavily limited given that one of his jokes was about women looking “KFC” as they were “Finger lickin’ good” – hell, I know. Then he went onto another joke which started with “What did the dick say to the condom?” and then he proceeded to say “Cover me”. It was so awful Curtis even admitted it was rubbish.

‘How’s Trish?’

The Pritchard brothers broke the internet with this stint. In May 2021 they appeared on Hollyoaks and accidentally made one of the soap’s most memorable moments ever. They were playing twins Marco and Jacob who were sabotaging their dance teacher Trish Minniver (played by Denise Welch) and eventually things lead to them stealing a book of her dance contacts.

One person posted a clip of their scence on Twitter and captioned it with: “What the GCSE drama is going on here then?” Honestly, I wish we had some kind of explanation.

Curtis Pritchard’s Oreo advert

Mum, help! Curtis and his brother are acting again!!

When they started doing ads it was hell, they were officially inescapable. We would be scrolling on TikTok and be met with the Pritchard brothers doing pirouettes in their kitchens whilst holding a box of donuts. Haven’t we had a hard enough time in the pandemic? Did we really deserve this as well?

His recent bizarre pea in a pod dance

Love Island fans faced a horrifying video recently showing Curtis Pritchard leaping around a stage whilst dressed as a pea. Others he was with were dressed as Super Mario characters so it’s unsure how he ended up as a pea in a pod but whatever. What made the whole video weirder though was that they all took a shot at the end on the final beat of the song. But unfortunately for Curtis he was too busy leaping around and struggled to find a free shot glass at the end so he missed the beat entirely – watching it added years to my life.

People in the comment section were obviously ripping into him, one person asked: “How did this man pull Maura?” Another person said: “I’ve never seen a person run with their arms straight” and to be honest, neither. It was embarassing to watch but I guess he was having fun, right?

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