Punching above your weight quiz

Quiz: Are you punching above your weight in your relationship?

If you think someone needs to be punching, you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship anyways x

Relationships are funny things, you go through the highs and lows with your partner and face everything together but you will always get one slightly salty individual tell you that you are punching above your weight with your other half. Regardless of what people think you’d be lying if the thought never crossed your mind and maybe deep down you’ve always wanted to take a quiz to see if you are punching above your weight. When Paige told Luca on Love Island that he was punching with Gemma, he was fuming, and rightly and wrongly so. It isn’t the nicest thing to hear that someone thinks your partner is the more attractive one out of your couple but also who cares? You’re both in a relationship with one another at the end of the day.

BUT if you have ever wondered if you were punching in your relationship, why not find out? Maybe your friends have made a few comments to make you think you are or someone on a night out made you wonder, or maybe you simply don’t care in the slightest but want to have a go at this quiz anyway. Whether or not you think you are punching, on the whole it isn’t all that important. Take this not-so scientific quiz to see if you’re punching above your weight in your relationship:

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