I rewatched the first ever episode of Love Island and omg, it’s changed so much

The Islanders could drink a LOT more

With the long anticipated final of Love Island season eight airing tonight, it seemed as good an opportunity as ever to go back to the start and rewatch the very first episode of Love Island season one to see how things have changed over the years.

Ever since airing seven years in 2015, the reality show has gripped the public summer after summer as young singletons are put together in the hopes of finding love. After eight seasons of the show, to say that it’s changed would be an understatement. Here are the biggest differences between the show’s first episode and now:

It could never be the same without Caroline Flack

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Rewatching the first episode, the sudden and tragic loss of Caroline Flack is so noticeable. The iconic presenter is a huge loss to the show, her personality and presenting skills are why the show became so popular. It will never really be the same without her.

Also can we talk about Ian Stirling? The infamous voice of Love Island was not as present in season one as he is now. Generally, you can hear him mocking the contestants throughout each episode but during the first ever episode, he only occasionally elaborates on the events inside the villa. It was definitely more dull to watch without his witty interjections.

The episode had a live audience

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This definitely made for a more enjoyable watch, hearing the live reactions and more than often the boos towards to the men mistreating the women within the villa, this is definitely something they should’ve kept within later series.

Long before the days of Aftersun, there was actually a live audience in the main episode. Am I the only one who forgot about this??

During the episode, the cameras flicked back and forth between Caroline in the live studio and the previously recorded clips of the contestants.

The original villa was by far the best

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Set in Mallorca, the public is presented with a better and bigger villa each year, but it has to be said that the first one is actually the best one.

With a massive pool taking up most of the space, the kitchen and infamous fire pit are located to the right of the villa and, unlike newer seasons, was not central to the day to day lives of the contestants.

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Personally I think this layout makes for more natural conversations and interactions between the contestants instead of them constantly being secluded in smaller groups. Nowadays, you rarely see all the Islanders in bigger groups of three or four unless there is a specific reason that they’ve been grouped around the fire pit.

The only thing about the villa that hasn’t really changed is the interior – the contestants have all shared one bedroom right from the very first season.

Islanders were able to drink a lot more

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After the last several seasons of Love Island, contestants have been coming out and sharing insider knowledge with the public. Most of the rules the Islanders have to follow within the villa and the items which were partially restricted or banned altogether are now known, yet in the first episode of the very first season it seems like a very different story.

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Alcohol consumption probably the most common. Many ex-Islanders have told viewers that when they are given alcohol it usually only one glass per contestant per night. However, in the first season contestants are seen with glasses of wine as the Islanders party throughout the night. You just know that the current Islanders were annoyed when they entered and found out they wouldn’t get the same.

It seemed like the islanders back then had a way more relaxing experience, with the help of a few drinks to get to know each other better, and not having to worry about the mess that they left behind. Empty bottles and cans can be seen to have been left in the kitchen for someone else to clean up.

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AND they could even smoke in the villa!!

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Back in the first season, not only were they allowed more alcohol than in more recent seasons, the Islanders were also allowed to smoke in the villa.

The Islanders always had the juiciest chats whilst smoking and tbh I miss it. Imagine the chats this year if the girlies were allowed to have a cheeky Elf bar break.

The Islanders actually swam in the pool

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A noticeable difference between the very first episode and more recent series, is that in season one the contestants actually went swimming.

In more recent years, the pool appears to be more decorative with Islanders only venturing in it when they’ve been thrown in by someone else. Why don’t they put goggles on and play mermaids anymore?

Islanders could swap their partners more easily

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The most shocking difference about the first ever episode is the way in which the contestants don’t seem to be as controlled as they are in subsequent series. I was absolutely gobsmacked when Jessica got up and decided to swap parters from being with Jordan to Josh, without an official re-coupling.

Seemingly normal it would be hard for any die-hard fan to comprehend after watching the last few seasons where couples have been made to sleep on couches if they decided to end their relationship from their “official partner” as they are only allowed to sleep with in these pairs and not swap without the dreaded re-coupling.

Rewatching the first episode made me realise how much more manipulated scenarios seem to be in the villa now. Back then the contestants had more natural conversations with everyone in the villa, instead of the staged boys and girls “morning debriefs” we’ve seen this year.

There was a huge lack in diversity amongst the cast

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The most shocking thing about rewatching the show is how similar all the contestants were. Of course as viewers, the idea of sexy singletons fighting it out to find love and win £50k is an appealing concept, but come on.

Obviously Love Island is always full of obscenely fit people, but in the first season there were SO many Islanders who modelled for a living, and one was even a Playboy Bunny.

Racial diversity was also extremely lacking in the first episode. Over the years the show has improved in this regard where we have seen more and more racial diversity among the contestants, but there is still a long way to go.

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