Love Island’s Liam says he left because he couldn’t cope with being controlled by producers

‘You get in the villa and it’s an unnatural environment’

Liam Llewellyn has spoken out for the first time since leaving Love Island 2022 and says he couldn’t cope with his actions being controlled by producers.

Liam tells the MailOnline he underestimated how being filmed 24/7 would impact him mentally, knowing his every move was being watched and edited.

He also says Luca Bish won’t be happy the producers have made him look like a “controlling misogynist”.

Liam says: “I thought I was going to have the summer that everyone dreams of but now I’m living with no regrets, I took a chance but realised I can’t live on TV. I was expected to do things for a TV show and I couldn’t be myself. I didn’t want to do it. It is a TV show and it is produced. It’s not all natural. In my head I was not in the right position to take part in a TV show because that’s what you’re doing. You have to go on dates, do challenges, and you’re not in control of any of it.”

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He says when he went on dates, producers asked him to repeat things as they didn’t quite come through. He says: “I had loads of meetings with the execs, the series editor, and professional psychologists but after a couple of days of feeling the way I did, I made the decision on my own behalf that it wasn’t right for me to carry on.”

Before leaving the villa, Liam was with Gemma Owen after being coupled up by the public. However she’s now with Luca who has since come under fire for his behaviour. Earlier this month Women’s Aid issued a warning to the male Islanders, and Luca in particular, for their misogynist behaviour.

On top of this, Luca was called out for “bullying” Tasha Ghouri who he consistently branded as “fake”. He also accused his partner Gemma of flirting with other contestants despite egging the other boys on to be unfaithful in Casa Amor.

Liam reckons Luca has been a victim of the show’s editing process and that Luca is actually nothing like how he’s being portrayed. He says: “I know Luca and what he’s really like and it’s nothing like what he’s coming across. All of a sudden, the edit he’s getting isn’t quite justified. It’s hard for me to sit here and watch that while the viewers are forming opinions whereas if you spent 10 minutes with him that would change. Any opinion people have about the show I’m thinking you have no idea, I think if only you knew. You’re seeing such a small segment they really don’t know what’s going on. It’s a TV show, they have to make drama and turn something that’s small into something big and the viewers get lost in all of that.”

Liam also expressed sympathy for Jacques O’Neill saying that when he saw he was leaving, he reached out to him and they’re going to meet up and chat. Liam also says how Paige is his favourite girl in the villa – despite never being in a couple with her.

He says he was handpicked by the casting producers of Love Island to take part. He was ready to turn it down but says his family encouraged him to go for it. He says: “I didn’t apply for the show I was approached and even then, I thought ‘nah’ but I got offered the opportunity and didn’t think I could turn it down. You get in the villa and it’s an unnatural environment. At first, I thought I’d settle in and I’d be fine but as the days went on I realised that wasn’t changing for me. If anything, it was getting worse.”

Liam says some of the cameras are hidden and then there are some on shuffle panels which Islanders hear moving around the garden. Also there’s apparently another massive camera that swings around the garden and if that’s on you then “you know you’re live,” Liam says.

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