Love Island fans have a theory there’s a secret feud going on between Luca and Tasha

‘Tasha who?’

Love Island fans have a theory about Luca Bish and Tasha Ghouri, after the chaos of last night’s Movie Night challenge episode.

Recently, Luca rolled his eyes at Tasha after she cried during a recoupling with Andrew Le Page. Luca then later questioned why she was crying when she was voted in the bottom three by the public for the third time in a row.

In last night’s movie episode, footage of Andrew kissing Coco in Casa Amor was shown and Luca was heard saying “Tasha who?” to the other Islanders. He then continued making the joke in last night’s episode before apologising for it.

Fans have since come up with a theory implying the pair are secretly feuding. It’s all down to Luca liking Tasha at the beginning. In the second episode Tasha was getting to know both Andrew and Luca, she said in the Beach Hut: “Andrew is giving me good vibes and good energy. But Luca seems very sweet.”

Luca later told Tasha he fancies her, he said: “I fancy you. There’s no denying that. I want to keep getting to know you by sharing a bed with another person is so hard.” Luca’s recent behaviour has been called out by fans of the showw. One person said: “Actually so weird how Luca had a thing for Tasha at the start and now he hates her for some reason.”

Another person said: “I’m not Tasha’s biggest fan but Luca’s behaviour towards her – screaming ‘Tasha who?’ repeatedly with his chest, shouting encouragingly during Andrew’s clip, even trying to drag her while she’s in tears is starting to border on bullying, no?”

Amber Gill tweeted during last night’s episode saying “Luca hates Tasha with a vengeance”.

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