love island 2022 cast tiktoks

Take a look inside the fun TikTok accounts of the Love Island 2022 cast

Some of them are too cringey for words

So far, Love Island season eight has been filled with drama, dancing, and a whole lot of “manicures”… and we’re only half way through. As the season chugs along and we welcome 12 new Islanders thanks to Casa Amor, it’s finally time to delve into the spicy (and at times a bit cringey) TikToks of the beloved Love Island 2022 cast.

The Islanders are well and truly on the band-wagon with trends and dances, so without further ado, let’s fall into the deep TikTok wormhole and take a look at what the Love Island cast have have been posting.

Now here’s a deep dive into the Love Island 2022 cast’s TikToks:

Indiyah Polack

via @1ndiyah on Instagram

TikTok handle: @indiyahpolack1

Indiyah’s TikTok has a whopping 148.9k followers, with her (pre-villa) content mostly focusing on makeup and outfit posts. Her most viewed post so far has 3.6 million views, and 424.5k likes.

Tasha Ghouri

love island 2022 cast tiktoks

via @tashaghouri on Instagram

TikTok handle: @tashaghouri1

With 168.5k followers, Tasha’s TikTok is definitely popular. Sticking true to her dancer/model profession, Tasha’s videos are mostly dancing trends and outfit videos, as Tasha shows off her dancing skills in an impressive, yet slightly ick-inducing manner. Tasha may just take the podium for most cringe out of all the Love Island 2022 TikToks. However, her most viewed video still racks up 3.6 million views with 302.6k likes.

Dami Hope

via @damihope on Instagram

TikTok handle: @damihope

With the second lowest follower count of all the Islanders, Dami’s TikTok has 3,029 followers, and 36.7k views on his most popular video. His account is largely Love Island content, implying that it’s only been created since his stint in the villa began.

Luca Bish

love island 2022 cast tiktoks

via @lucabish on Instagram

TikTok handle: @lucabish

One of the more popular Islanders, Luca has over 306k followers on TikTok, however, similar to Dami, it appears his account was only created after his entrance to the villa was announced. His videos therefore focus mostly on Love Island content, but consistently rack up views in the millions, with his most viewed video reaching 3.9 million, with 394.3k likes.

Gemma Owen

via @gemowen_1 on Instagram

TikTok handle: @gemowen_1

Despite not having many videos on her account, Gemma has over 356k followers. Her pre-villa content focused on horse riding, meaning she shows lots of her horses and pets – a big win for some. Since being in the villa, her videos have gotten millions of views, her most popular video raking in 5.7 million views and 572.7k likes.

Ekin-Su Culculoglu

love island 2022 cast tiktoks

via @ekinsuofficial on Instagram

TikTok handle: @ekinsuofficial

Ekin-Su’s TikTok is another that has only been created since her entrance into the villa, but in that short time she has managed to acquire 293.6k followers. Her content is, of course, mainly Love Island based, but her most watched video has 1.9 million views and 154.3k views.

Andrew Le Page

via @andrewlepage on Instagram

TikTok handle: @andrewlepage23

Andrew’s TikTok has the lowest number of followers out of all the Islanders, with only 202, his account once again only having been created since Andrew stepped into the villa. However, despite his lack of followers, his most popular video still has nearly 12k views – not bad considering.

Paige Thorne

via @paigethornex on Instagram

TikTok handle: @paigethorne8

Despite her popularity on the show, Paige’s TikTok surprisingly isn’t one of the biggest of the lot, with 61.9k followers. Once again, this account appears to have been established during her time on Love Island, meaning her content is focused on her life in the villa. Her most viewed video has 2.8 million views and 167.8k likes.

Jay Younger

via @jayyounger_ on Instagram

TikTok handle: @jayyounger_

Jay’s TikTok has a smaller following than most of the other Islanders, with 12.4k followers. However, his account was created before going on the show, with his pre-villa content focusing on working out and gym videos, some may find them cringey, others may thoroughly enjoy. Consistently racking up thousands of views, his most viewed video has 940.4k views and 40k likes.

Danica Taylor

via @_danicataylor on Instagram

TikTok handle: @danicataylor6

With 52.5k followers, Danica’s TikTok is absolutely chock-a-block with videos, having started long before her arrival in the villa. Her content features a lot of dancing, modelling, and outfit videos, although it would appear that the account is not being updated while she is on our screens. Danica knows what she’s good at and she certainly shows it off, only occasionally making us question our eyeballs. Her videos consistently get tens to hundreds of thousands of views, with her most popular video having been watched 690.3k times and liked 94k times.

Cover image credit: @gemowen_1, @lucabish, and @indiyahpolack1 on TikTok

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