All Stars 7 power ranking

All Stars 7 power ranking: Which Drag Race winner should make the top four and win the crown?

If Raja isn’t top four I will be inconsolable

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 is really, really heating up the competition as the race for Legendary Legend Stars becomes ever more intense. It really feels like it could be anyone’s game at this point, and every single queen has proven why they won their season and has gobbled the runway and the challenges at one point or another so far – but who should make top four? Here’s a power ranking for All Stars 7 for the season so far.

8. Yvie Oddly

All Stars 7 power ranking

I love Yvie, but I don’t see the final four for her. She would only have one star if it wasn’t for Raja giving out her extra one to her as an act of generosity. I feel like Yvie is at times a little out of her depth when she’s up against the other winners competing – but she has a unique style and vibe that makes her so special even if she isn’t a heavyweight in this race.

7. Monét X Change

All Stars 7 power ranking

Monét deserves to climb this power ranking for All Stars 7 a little higher, because she’s got the chops, the talent and the DRAG to do so. At the moment, Monét only has one star and there hasn’t really been a week where she’s been robbed from a top two spot – apart from maybe the MTV girl group bop challenge, her verse slayed. It’s all still to play for though, and I could see Monét getting some late season stars.

6. Shea Couleé

When All Stars 7 started, I thought Shea would be right at the top of this power ranking. She killed and annihilated that first episode, and whilst she’s only on one star like Monét, she also should have won one for her girl group verse on the MTV challenge. Shea is a force to be reckoned with when she’s killing the competition.

5. The Vivienne

All Stars 7 power ranking

I love The Vivienne so much. She’s my hometown queen, and DJ, and every formative queer night out of my teenage life was spent being soundtracked by her in Liverpool. I am so proud seeing her kill it on All Stars 7, and holding her own against the biggest names in Drag Race history. She should be in the top four. She deserves it, and she would get there with the three stars she should rightfully have if it wasn’t for that pesky blocking! The girls ahead are just that bit more likely to get there.

4. Jaida Essence Hall

All Stars 7 power ranking

Jaida currently having three stars and being in the lead makes complete sense with my fantasy. Jaida is one of the loveliest, silliest and funniest winners in Drag Race herstory and at the same time brings an extraordinarily strong sense of glamour and design prowess. This season has been so good in showing everyone how lovable Jaida is when her naysayers on season 12 said she was boring. An absolute icon. Get her in that top four now!

3. Trinity the Tuck

Trinity the Tuck is so good at Drag Race. She is one of the best competitors in any show ever. Her talents are endless and her drag is so huge, so polished and so immaculate. I just can’t see her ever slipping up or making huge errors. She can really do it all, but I do think her lip syncing is where the other girls could take the crown.

2. Jinkx Monsoon

I keep laughing out loud at Michelle Visage telling Jinkx that her runways always end up back in the saloon. It’s so true. She’s always in her Westworld couture era. I love Jinkx so much, she bodies every Drag Race challenge with ease and if she’s not in the final four and to be honest, if she doesn’t win, I’ll be gobsmacked.

1. Raja

Mother. My queen. My favourite Drag Race queen on earth. I love that Raja has turned up for this season and proven exactly why she is the legend that she is. Her fashion has been jawdropping. She should be on five stars. End of. I’m pleased she won the lip sync against The Viv this week because now it proves she can actually give it some! Crown her!

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