Ranked: The best universities on earth according to the QS World University Rankings

Cambridge leapfrogs Oxford to be crowned best uni in the UK

The QS World University Rankings 2023 have just been released, with 17 UK unis making the top 100.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) rained supreme for the second year in a row, but second place saw a changing of the guard.

The University of Cambridge leapfrogged rivals Oxford to swipe the silver medal and the top spot for the UK.

The University of Oxford came fourth in the world (second in the UK), while Imperial came sixth (third in the UK).

The rankings looked at 1,500 universities worldwide, assessing them on a number of factors ranging from academic reputation to who well they were respected by employers.

The top 20 unis in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2023:


Commenting on the findings, Ben Sowter, director of research at QS told MailOnline: “Perhaps no British research success story has captured the public imagination to the extent that the University of Oxford’s role in developing the [AstraZeneca] vaccine has.

“Despite an overall decline compared to last year’s performance in our rankings, the UK remains indisputably the world’s second most successful higher education system.

“As British higher education navigates its post-Brexit and post-pandemic future, it should continue to build on its ability to form effective partnerships and collaborations and attract global talents.”

The top 20 unis in the UK and where they ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2023:


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