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Tracy Beaker was one of the most iconic shows on CBBC growing up. But what made the show so iconic was the varied cast of characters, and of course the people who played them. It’s been over 20 years since Tracy Beaker first aired, with many of the kids being only 12 when they first started.

As a result the cast now looks vastly different and have all been subject to a number of glow ups (we’re looking at you Luke Youngblood). But alongside appearances what else has the cast been up to since leaving the show? From starting their own academy, working alongside Paul Rudd, starring on Bridgerton, and becoming a Twitter icon, keep reading to find out what the cast has been up to since moving out from The Dumping Ground.

Tracy Beaker – Dani Harmer

Via Instagram @missdanijharmer

Dani Harmer will forever be iconic as the gobby-mouthed but loveable Tracy Beaker. She started the role in 2002 when she was only 12 years old, but continued to star in various spin-offs, including My Mum Tracy Beaker and The Beaker Girls.

In 2015 she married her partner Simon Brough and she has two adorable children who regularly feature on her Instagram. Alongside acting she ventured into the music industry and in 2008 signed a £3 million record deal with Universal Group, her debut album, Superheroes, was released the following year and another album was planned for the year after but sadly was never released after she announced she had abandoned her music career. I had a listen and it’s giving Hannah Montana, seriously there are some bops on that album.

Since then Dani seems to be taking a step back from acting herself and instead is focusing on coaching others. She founded the Dani Harmer Academy in Berkshire, which offers drama, dancing, and singing to children aged five to 18.

Justine Littlewood – Montanna Thomson

The personal vendetta I had against Justine growing up was an intense one, and rewatching now I’m still not a fan. Another member of the original cast, Montanna Thompson nailed the role perfectly and like Dani, started playing Justine when she was only 12.

After Tracy Beaker she starred in some small indie films and TV mini-series, and in 2021 she joined Dani in reprising her role in My Mum Tracy Beaker, and The Beaker Girls. Since then she’s taken a break from acting and is focusing on parenting her son who was born in 2017.

Louise Govern – Chelsie Padley

Via Instagram @chesliepadley_

Chelsie Padley played Louise in Tracy Beaker, Louise was previously Tracy’s best friend but slowly became closer with Justine instead.

Since starring on the show, Chelsie has taken a step back from acting, although the most recent headshots on her Instagram look like she wants to get back into the industry. Instead, Chelsie has been focusing on her fitness, as well as starting a YouTube channel and iconic TikTok, where she regularly talks about her time in The Dumping Ground.

Ben Batambuze – Luke Youngblood

Via Instagram @luke_youngblood

Luke Youngblood played Ben on the show, a kid who pretends to live on the street when in reality he comes from a rich background.

Luke was a well-known actor before starring in Tracy Beaker, as he played the role of Lee Jordan in the first two Harry Potter movies. After Tracy Beaker he went on to star in multiple TV shows including Glee, and Queen of the South. He is now most well-known for his recurring role as Magnitude in the TV show Community.

As well as TV and movies he has also featured in musicals such as The Lion King, and from 2015 to 2016 played Sid in the ABC musical comedy series Galavant.

Bouncer Plakova – Ben Hanson

Via Instagram @benj.hanson

Since starring as half of the iconic duo that was Bouncer and Lol, Ben Hanson seems to have stepped away from acting entirely. He now focuses on fitness, and is the owner of Bearfit, as well as being a qualified personal trainer. His Instagram is full of progress pictures and his full-time job is now as a very sensible estate agent.

He still keeps in touch with some of the cast and he and Chelsie (Louise) are often seen on his Instagram working out together.

Lol Plakova – Ciaran Joyce

Via Instagram @ciaran___joyce

The second half of the hilarious duo, Ciaran Joyce played Bouncer’s brother Lol. Before Beaker he made his acting debut aged only eleven playing Gaveroche in the West End production of Les Miserables.

Since then he’s played in numerous other musicals such as Peter Pan and Aladdin, as well as starring in TV shows like Young Dracula and Torchwood. His Instagram is filled with cute shots of him and his partner going for countryside walks and mini-breaks, very cute!

Chantal Wellard – Deepal Parmar

Via Instagram @deepsparmar

Deepal Parmer played the eldest of the Wellard siblings, Chantal. Chantal’s attitude and bright purple hair was an absolute lewk.

Since then Deepal has had one son who’s now one and is still acting. Most recently she starred in Sky’s Devils as Amina, as well as various short films. Her Insta is full of very aesthetic photos, and she recently tried on Chantal’s favourite outfit and boots.

Rio Wellard – Craig Roberts

Via Instagram @craigroberts10

Craig Roberts played Rio Wellard in Tracy Beaker, the ‘too cool for school’ middle sibling. One of the most successful cast members to come out of Tracy Beaker, Craig is now a well-established actor and director.

Directly after Tracy Beaker, he played vampire fanatic Robin Branagh in Young Dracula, a criminally underappreciated CBBC show. In 2012 he found worldwide acclaim for his role in Submarine, directed by Richard Ayoade.

Since then Craig has been up to all sorts. He starred in Being Human, Skins and appeared alongside Winona Ryder and Tim Burton in The Killers’ music video “Here for Me”.

Most recently Craig appeared alongside the never ageing Paul Rudd in the 2016 film, The Fundamentals of Caring, and in 2019 appeared as Emperor Nero in Horrible Histories: The Movie. Starring next to Paul Rudd is one thing, but we all know being in anything Horrible Histories related is going to be the peak of your career.

Mike Milligan – Connor Byrne

Via Twitter @connorjbyrne

Connor Byrne played the ever-suffering caseworker Mike Milligan in Tracy Beaker. Starring in the show from 2002 to 2019, he is the longest-serving cast member in the whole franchise.

Connor is most active now not on the stage or screen, but on Twitter where his dad jokes have reached their ultimate form. His tweets are filled with puns, descriptions of him bingeing Derry Girls in one night and crying profusely, balding, and most importantly a lot of pictures of him barbequing various meats. He is an absolute icon.

Elaine ‘The Pain’ Boyak – Nisha Nayar

Via Twitter @NishaKNayar

This wouldn’t be a Tracy Beaker article without mentioning Elaine the Pain. Played by Nisha Nayar, Elaine was our least favourite social worker, and everyone at the Dumping Grounds too.

Aside from appearing occasionally on TV shows, Nisha focuses mainly on voice work now, and like Connor is very active on Twitter, regularly reposting her fellow Tracy Beaker casts tweets. She even has an address you can send fan mail to.

Jenny Edwards – Sharlene Whyte

Via Instagram @sharlenewhyte

Sharlene Whyte played Jenny Edwards, the head care worker at The Dumping Ground. Since then she has been consistently working, and also has literally not aged a day at all. She’s starred in TV shows such as Casualty and The Witchfinder, as well as a few films.

She’s most recently been nominated for a Bafta for TV show, Stephen, and is currently starring in Almeida Theatre’s ‘Daddy’.

Carly Beaker – Ruth Gemmel

Via Instagram @phoebedynevor

Lastly, we have the enigma of Tracy Beaker’s mum. Even though she only appears very briefly, we had to mention her, as after all Tracy really wasn’t lying when she said her mum was a famous actress.

Carly Beaker is played by none other than Violet Bridgerton herself, AKA actress Ruth Gemmel. Tracy Beaker was one of her first roles, and she also appeared in Tracy Beaker’s Movie of Me. Since then she appeared in Penny Dreadful, but is now most well known for her role in Bridgerton.

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