that is bloody lovely tiktok

Okay so where the hell is the ‘that is bloody lovely’ TikTok audio from originally?

Tell you what though, folks, that is bloody NICE!

I cannot escape a certain sound all over the TikTok For You Page right now, and it comes in many variations – all of them funny. No matter what TikTok creators are nibbling or sipping on, you can rest assured the sound that will be accompanying it is “Tell you what though, folks, that is bloody nice! That is really… THAT IS BLOODY LOVELY!” It doesn’t matter if it’s the original or the stupid, sped up hybrids – the sound is everywhere. But where the hell is the “that is bloody lovely” TikTok audio from originally? Who is the northern man bellowing into our ears? We’ve got you covered.

Blue Van Man on YouTube is responsible for the iconic sound

The sound is taken from a YouTuber named Blue Van Man, specifically from a video where he tried Buckfast tonic wine for the first time. The sips were a spiritual awakening for the Blue Van Man, whose real name is Dave. The video is a longer one, but the iconic but comes around the seven minutes 30 seconds mark – one watch and you’ll know exactly why this iconic reaction goes viral.

Dave’s Blue Van Man YouTube channel has nearly 150,000 subscribers, and his content is sort of just a mixed bag of middle aged chaos.

How are people using the “that is bloody lovely” audio on TikTok?

All of life is here, anything remotely weird you go to nibble on features. Eating a pack of salami? Rediscovering orange juice every few months? Nibbling on the pine of your bunk bed as a child? Oh yeah baby! Here are some of the funniest “that is bloody lovely” TikToks.

@chazlingo #fyp#duet ♬ Original Sound – Unknown

@jstow_ Proceeds to have awful sleep schedule for the rest of the semester #fyp #comedу ♬ Original Sound – Unknown

@jen.lo16 when your hungry it really hits #foryou #ukschools ♬ Original Sound – Unknown


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