Canada's Drag Race Versus the World cast

This rumoured cast for Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World is so iconic it NEEDS to be true

Miz Cracker and Victoria Scone allegedly on the same season? Sign me UP

Although you may feel that the most chaotic season television to ever grace screens, Drag Race UK Versus the World, has only just come to a Blu Hydrangea crowning conclusion – the wheels are apparently in motion for the next iteration. It’s rumoured that the second season will see Canada host, meaning that if these rumours are true it will be Brooke Lynn Hytes the queens will be trying to impress to be crowned queen of the world. The Nancy Drews of the Drag Race fandom have been putting together the rumoured cast based off social media silence and no bookings, and this is the latest rumoured lineup. Take it with a pinch of salt – a lot could change before we get it all confirmed, but here’s what the Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World rumoured cast looks like according to fan detectives!

Anita Wigl’it (Down Under)

Via World of Wonder

*Thee* robbed queen of season one Anita Wigl’it is heavily rumoured to be coming back for her rudemption if Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World goes ahead. Fans will be pleased to see the Snatch Game winner back to hopefully get the chance to proceed further than she did on her season, which was riggamorris of the highest order.

Icesis Couture (Canada)

The current reigning queen of Canada and the winner of season two is allegedly rumoured to be appearing again for crown two. This is quite a rogue choice, in my opinion, due to Icesis only just winning her season less than six months ago – but she’s an amazing drag artist and I’d love her back on our screens for sure.

Kendall Gender (Canada)

Season two of Canada’s Drag Race runner up Kendall Gender is rumoured to be back alongside her top three sister Icesis Couture for another shot at the crown. She had one challenge win – her amazing performance in the Roast of Brooke Lynn Hytes.

Miz Cracker (US)

Fan fave Miz Cracker, who came fifth on season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and then finished as runner up alongside Jujubee on All Stars 5, is rumoured to be going over to Canada to compete again. On the rumours page, she is branded as one of the more unlikely queens to be competing but if she is on the show rest assured fans will be screaming “It’s time for dinner!” all over again.

Ra’Jah O’Hara (US)

Ra’Jah really got her All Stars rudemption on AS6 – after feeling like she didn’t get the best of rides on season 11. She won over legions of fans, me included, and dominated the season all the way to the finale. We might only have just seen her on a season, but if she’s back for Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World like the rumours are saying then I’d be happy.

Rita Baga (Canada)

“Ah oui, c’est moi, Rita Baga – the French-Canadian diva!” Rita Baga statistically had the best run on Canada’s Drag Race season one before Priyanka was crowned the winner. She’s a force to be reckoned with and if the rumours are true about her being in the cast of Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World the other queens should be afraid!

Silky Nutmeg Ganache (US)

Canada's Drag Race Versus the World cast

Big Silk with the good milk is heavily rumoured to be following her All Stars 6 run with a turn on Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World. The girls will be nervous to go up against The Reverend Doctor Silky Nutmeg Ganache in any lip syncs, after she gobbled her way through half the cast in her iconic bid to re-enter the competition. A legend!

Stephanie Prince (Canada)

Via World of Wonder

Stephanie Prince came 10th on season two of Canada’s Drag Race, and has a lot of room for a rudemption if the rumours she’s appearing are true after winning over the fans but never getting a maxi challenge win from the judges.

Vanity Milan (UK)

Canada's Drag Race Versus the World cast

Vanity Milan hit the ground running on Drag Race UK season three, finishing fourth after she proved herself to be a lip sync assassin if nothing else! A lovely queen who proved when she gave us that ICONIC Scandalous lip sync that she can perform the house down boots. Dirty rice!

Victoria Scone (UK)

Canada's Drag Race Versus the World cast

Via World of Wonder

The final queen in the rumoured cast list for Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World is the herstory making Victoria Scone – the first ever cisgender woman to compete in the franchise. Victoria was an early favourite from cast reveals to make the finals of Drag Race UK season three, but after an injury she had to leave the competition prematurely. If the rumours are true, then Victoria could finally have the dominating run fans wanted her to have if she’s cast on Canada’s Drag Race Versus the World.

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