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‘I was frozen’: These are the students accusing Tim Westwood of sexual misconduct

The 64-year-old DJ has been accused of ‘predatory behaviour’

Names changed to protect identities.

Former BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Tim Westwood has been accused of “sexual misconduct” by multiple women. Each claim he abused his power  in the music industry to gain access to them.

Seven women in total have claimed the current Capital presenter was inappropriate towards them – with four accusing him of “groping” them in nightclubs.

The events are reported to have taken place between 1992 – 2017, starting when Westwood was 35 years old. His alleged victims were all black women in their late teens to early twenties, often uni students and recent graduates hoping to start careers in music. These are their stories:


Isabel was just 19 when she allegedly met a then-54-year-old Tim Westwood in 2010. The student was an aspiring gospel singer, and had already begun writing her own songs.

After hearing he was due to DJ at a club in her Midlands-based hometown, Isabel thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show him her music. “At that moment, he was the main gatekeeper for access to what I needed to do,” she told The Guardian and the BBC. Westwood was a successful DJ in the hip-hop, rap and R&B genres. His role at 1Xtra gave him access to other DJs who could specialise in gospel – and he had a number of celebrity friends.

She managed to give her demo CD to the DJ, who called the next day and asked her to meet him in London. “We were thinking that this is a really good lead at this point,” she said. “He wants to act on this so quickly.”

tim westwood students

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Westwood picked Isabel up at Oxford Circus a few days later – but she swiftly became aware he “wasn’t particularly interested in the music thing.” The next thing she knew, he’d undone his trousers and was exposing himself.

Isabel felt too scared to try and get herself out of the situation. She refused drinks from him while they were at his flat, and after he’d made himself a drink, he allegedly walked into the room totally naked.

“That’s when I noticed that he’s got a condom and he’s removed it (from the packet) and started putting it on,” she said. “I remember the packet because they had this slogan on it. They had his face on the other side… I remember him throwing it down. I remember the fact that it was yellow. Like, I remember that very vividly because I remember that was kind of when my brain also started to shut down.”

During this time, Westwood frequently visited SU bars to tour his collaboration with Durex: “Strap it up, before you slap it up.”


In 2000, 19-year-old Farah was working at Bristol Carnival when she met the DJ. They were both at an afterparty, and she began asking him about his work.

When the event had finished, the entire team gathered to take a photo with Westwood. At that point, Farah alleges he reached inside her t-shirt and grabbed her breast.

“I felt cold – and I felt dirty. I felt humiliated, embarrassed. That I’d done something wrong,” she said.


During summer 2009, 20-year-old Claire met Westwood in Ayia Napa. He’d been DJ’ing at a club and she’d queued up with her friend to get a photo with him. She alleged he’d said “lemme grab some ass” while her friend was taking the picture, and proceeded to put his hand down the back of her shorts.

The DJ then asked if she’d like to come back to his and “chill” – but she turned him down.



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Just a few months later, Westwood agreed to take a photo with 19-year-old Loretta at an Essex nightclub. She claimed he’d “grabbed my bum” before placing his hand on her neck. “In that moment, I was kind of frozen and didn’t really know how to react,” she said.

A spokesperson for Tim Westwood has responded to the allegations: “Tim Westwood strongly denies all allegations of inappropriate behaviour. In a career that has spanned 40 years, there have never been any complaints made against him officially or unofficially.

“Tim Westwood strongly rejects all allegations of wrongdoing.”

Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power is available now on BBC iPlayer

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