We asked young people to send us their dramatic uni transformations

And then proceeded to rinse them

University is a long three years – a timeframe made even more abundantly clear by looking back at how we’ve changed over the years. Walking in as a lanky just-out-of-school fresher, you may be forgiven for wondering how on earth you pulled so well in freshers’ week. Frankly, when you compare yourself to now, it really is a true mystery.

In summary, the three years, on the whole, have been kind to us. The transformations are wide and vast – whether you bulked up, bulked down, tatted up or simply had an entire makeover. Don’t believe me? Well, we asked a whole load of young people to send photos in of what they looked like in first year when they came to uni, compared to what they look like now. The changes are truly something to behold.

Joe – Birmingham

As you can see, Joe’s transformation really went from “I’ll be home at 9pm” to “call me daddy”. The innocent fresher clearly no more, Joe’s uni transformation was one of an absolute king – the smoulder alone can tell you that. From Jack Wills to Carhartt, Joe kept up with the times, and he has not let us down.

Eleanor – Lancaster

Eleanor left school as that sweet, shy girl that was known for her high-pitched laugh. She really did a full 360 at uni and this might be one of the best transformations out of them all – purely for the vibes. Alas, despite Eleanor’s transformation, she could not forget her country roots, so she has her phone case to remind her at all times.

Emilie – Warwick

Emilie is the epitome of good girl gone loose. She’s always had a bit of edgy-ness to her, and naturally, with the new-found freedom of university life, she went rogue and died her hair blue. It does look pretty sick though.

Adam – Birmingham

As you can see, Adam dedicated his time at university to simply growing his hair and perfecting his moustache. Not only that, but he somehow managed to say goodbye to his skater boy days and truly welcome his authentic self: a sommelier expert in French wine with a hobby of reviewing and critiquing 1920s European arthouse cinema.

Dexter – Cambridge

Fortunately for Dexter, uni life treated him rather nicely and instead of drowning himself in his studies, he found more time for holidays. He even managed to bag himself a personal photographer and he looks well pleased.

Seamus – Birmingham

A lot may have changed in Seamus’ life, but one thing that will never alter is his ability to take a hauntingly mysterious mirror selfie. The slightly raised eyebrow, the direct eye-contact, the phone height ratio – as the French say, *chef’s kiss*.

Sophie – Edinburgh

Whilst at uni, Sophie has learnt to truly embrace her natural curls – and we’re glad she did. Add a bit of winged eyeliner and green nail vanish and she’s perfected the pristine balance of edgy-sweet girl.

Charlotte – Birmingham

Not too much has changed for Charlotte other than as she pointed out “the airforces have gotten dirtier”. Other than the fresh hair change, Charlotte still refuses to pose any differently for a photo and good for her.

Summer – Nottingham

Like any fair and balanced journalist, it felt only right that I should put myself forward for the same scrutiny I’m dishing out to others. As you can see, three years of studying English was all it took for me to embrace my inner 60-year-old lecturer. It also seems as though I’ve embraced a really cringey hip pop and I am now reassessing everything.

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