What is the ‘strawberry question’ test on TikTok? Here’s exactly what the answers mean

Want to find out how likely your partner is to cheat?

It seems like there is something new trending on TikTok every day. From finding out who your celebrity parents would be, to how you will spend your Valentine’s Day. Trends are coming and going faster than we can keep up. But newest one to hit our TikTok FYPs is the strawberry question test.

This sees users message their significant other a hypothetical question regarding a strawberry field – “If you were walking past a strawberry field, would you take a strawberry and eat it if you were really hungry?”

This is then followed up by asking “how many strawberries would you take?”, and “if there was a fence, would you climb over it?”

What does the strawberry question test on TikTok reveal?

People on TikTok are using answers to the strawberry question test, to determine how likely it is that your partner would cheat. A “yes” to taking the strawberries in the field signifies a higher propensity to be unfaithful. This is heightened even more by the willingness to climb the fence and the number of strawberries taken.

Whilst the choice to indulge in the fruit has no actual bearing on the likelihood of cheating, it has made for some funny responses. The comment sections of these videos are full of other users who have partaken in the trend, sharing the responses they received from their partners.

Here are some of the best ones:

@julieandcorey The confusion 💀💀 #strawberryquestion #textingprank #prankonboyfriend ♬ original sound – 💟

@jadeetai i enjoyed this a lot | inspo: @Tiff #fyp ♬ original sound – 💟

Some partners passed the the strawberry question TikTok test with flying colours:

@nseyda he passed 😳 #CloseYourRings #ArbysDiabloDare #strawberryquestion ♬ original sound – 💟

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