Here’s a round up of the most iconic RuPaul’s Drag Race disasters of all time

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RuPaul’s Drag Race hits more than it misses, but that doesn’t mean the show and its queens are excluded from having their fair share of absolute disasters. For every wildly successful girl group challenge, somewhere else in the Drag Race universe an acting challenge is crashing and burning. For every excellent Katie Price Snatch Game, there’s a terrible impersonation of Katy Perry being done by Alyssa Edwards not far behind it. Prepare you toes for cringe inducing curl up, because here’s a round up of the best and most iconic RuPaul’s Drag Race disasters of all time:

Valentina’s mask

Never before has RuPaul literally stopped a lip sync to tell the queens to restart, but such is the case when Valentina infamously refused to take off her mask when she wound up in the bottom two against Nina Bo’nina Brown. “This is a lip sync for your life, we need to see your lips” Ru declared, to which Valentina uttered the immortal words “I’d like to keep it on please”. The mask came off, a roughly painted lip got revealed and Valentina did not know the words. Drag Race HERSTORY.

Eve 6000’s Rusical nightmare

The latest entry to the canon is Eve 6000’s disastrous performance in the Canada’s Drag Race season two Rusical Under The Big Top. The queens had to sing live, with varying results. But it was Eve’s iconic verse and broken, underwhelming reveals that absolutely stole the show. The singing alone is golden, faintly and unconfident to the point where it reaches legendary status. Once you couple in the fact the lyrics are saying “you didn’t see it coming” as we watch Eve pick up wigs from the floor that fell off prematurely it’s game over. So bad it’s good. So bad it’s GREAT.


The Drag Race UK season three queens made history with this challenge, but not for the right reasons. The acting challenge went so badly that for the first time ever RuPaul declared none of the queens the winner. They all lost. Acting challenges are the spawn of Satan.

Mimi Imfurst picking up India Ferrah

Jaws were on the floor when India chaotically hoisted India over her shoulder way back in season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and all these years, seasons and franchises later it’s hard to top it in terms of shock. India genuinely seems traumatised by the events and her screams of “get her off me” chill to the core. Drag is not a contact sport!


A true disaster of an acting challenge in which half the queens didn’t even know who Shakespeare was, the car crash Macbitch caused RuPaul to shout at the queens on the main stage, “I don’t wanna hear any more goddamn excuses – fucking make it happen!” Terrifying.

Alexis Michelle’s roast

How did Michelle hate this? She wore your favourite colour, girl! Everything about this is hell. The outfit alone is one of the biggest Drag Race disasters of all time, but it’s all made so much worse when the jokes begin flowing. Is there anything worse than comedy with no laughs?

Farrah Moan’s fall

The saddest entry to the list, because it’s not poor Farrah’s fault. She was killing and slaying and GAGGING everyone with her burlesque number, but once she slipped it was game over. Not because she fell – accidents happen. But it was all about the recovery and laughing it off. Unfortunately, Farrah was shaken and the performance was unsalvageable. She didn’t deserve this!

Coco Montrese’s cursed dance

Biggest drag race disasters

Why on god’s green earth Coco Montrese chose to do a horror film tinged, Vaudeville dummy routine for her talent show performance when she’s one of the greatest lip syncers to ever go on RuPaul’s Drag Race is beyond me. This was disastrous and ended Coco’s run on All Stars too soon. We mourn what could have been.

Laganja’s stand up routine

Biggest Drag Race disasters

“It’s very droyyyy, kind of like your vagina!” I’m shuddering. Iconic TV, but the worst stand up routine ever performed? Potentially. But you’re allowed disasters like this if you’re going to pop back up as a lip sync assassin and do what Laganja did on All Stars 6. I’m still wowing.

Phi Phi’s politician

How Phi Phi O’Hara wasn’t in the bottom for this downright offensive attempt at humour is beyond me. I get the shtick is a parody of Sarah Palin, but I don’t think Phi Phi has the comedy chops to make it work. Thank god for Latrice’s clapbacks.

LaLa Ri’s bag outfit

biggest Drag Race disasters

So iconic, so legendary, but a disaster like no other. It’s impossible to not look at this car crash and grin though, because LaLa Ri is an ICON and this look is a disaster I thank the world for every day.

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