IDRlabs viral food choice test from Twitter and Facebook which tells you your social class based on what you eat

This food choice test will tell you just how posh you truly are

If you pick caviar and lobster mac and cheese I think you already know

Right now, there’s a test going viral where people are sharing how their choice in food correlates to their social class, because naturally, the two must be linked. Are you sitting down at your lavish table to a steak tartare every evening? Or is the most extravagant meal you’re serving up to yourself a plate of chicken nuggets and some ketchup? The Queen would never.

The test was created using research from the University of Pennsylvania and the Food Social Class Test states it was created by researchers and psychology professionals who work with psychometrics, so it’s completely based on real life SCIENCE. Here’s how to take it and get your result.

Here’s how to do the food choice test and see how posh you really are:

• To really find out the truth about your social class, head to the food choice test here.

• Then you’ll be presented with 35 different foods, and you simply have to choose whether you “agree” or “disagree” with how much you would really like to eat that item, by scrolling the bar along.

• At the end you’ll be presented with a circle, which shows how your choices correlate to a certain social class.

• There will be an overall percentage score for which social class you match the most, but you can also see which other classes you matched with your other choices too.

• Then of course, if you want to show off just how posh you are darling, you can share the result to Facebook or Twitter.

Take the food choice test here. 

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