Love Island 2021 final memes

42 reactions to the Love Island 2021 final that are worthy of the £50k

‘I will never give way to a Fiat 500 again’

Over the last eight weeks everyone on this silly little island has sat down at 9pm to watch a bunch of horny Islanders battle it out to find love and take home £50k. But Love Island 2021 officially came to an end last night after Laura Whitmore announced Millie and Liam had won the show and decided to split the moolah. It’s safe to say we all saw that end result coming but that didn’t stop people on Twitter sharing their reactions and responses to Milliam trumping Chloe and Toby or Laura Whitmore being the world’s biggest snoozefest host. Anyway, here are the best Love Island 2021 final memes:

1. Liam owes her £25k for emotional damage after Casa Amor


3. I hope they use the money to get Liam some lessons in grace and decorum x

4. Ffs why did Priya get a cameo in the final

5. Where was the rest of it??

6. Replace Matt Lucas with her x

7. Never.

8. This is such a mood

9. Loved teleshopping six nights a week

10. He is the absolute best

11.  Yes, yes it is

12. I will be watching

13. These meme has served us well

14. No but why have I spent so much money this summer??

15. See you for Love Island 2022

16. It’s boring now!!

17. This will never not be funny

18. Omg mermaid Mary is such vibes

19. This is the most accurate Tweet I’ve ever seen

20. Wow, such good dancers

21. Hugo Hammond’s entire existence feels like a fever dream

22. So did we, Tobes

23. Millie on the keyboard is my sleep paralysis demon

24. He had my heart as soon as he walked in saying ‘Hey peeps’

25. Omg can’t wait for the house tour, huns

 26. Give these women £50k now


28. No but why does the Love Island result feel just as sad??

29. It’s a crime

30. ‘Hey bestie, congrats on the win’

31. Deactivating my account until summer 2022

32. It’s so sad

33. I have nothing to do

34. Someone make it make sense pls x

35. I am howling

36. Millie could’ve had it all there

37. We were robbed

38. This is so cursed wtf

39. Big clown behaviour

40. Does anyone want to go out later?


42. She made no effort loool

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